True & False Mysticism: St Gregory Palamas & the Energies – Fr Moody / Jay Dyer

 Fr Chris Moody returns after too long a hiatus to discuss the theology of St Gregory Palmas in more depth.  We will cover the uncreated energies and grace, the notion of a true mysticism as found in hesychia, the new translation and forthcoming publication of Apodiectic Treatise on the Holy Spirit by St Gregory, […]

Comparing Apologetic Methods: Classical vs. Presuppositional Arguments with Dr. Rasmussen

Join me as Dr. Josh Rasmussen and I discuss and compare classical theistic arguments, presuppositional and transcendental arguments, epistemology, and apologetics in general.  In this long anticipated discussion, these two apologists will compare and contrast two paradigms and whether the evidentialist framework actually does what it intends to do logically.  Indeed, many people come to […]

Big Trouble in Little China, Dagon, Circuitry Man & More WEIRD Movies! Jay Dyer

Spooktober continues with coverage of more weird B movies with a message – this time with a spooktober theme.  If you can watch these between now and then, it”ll be more fun! We’ll be covering the following films:  Dagon, Timebomb, Doppleganger, Circuitry Man and Big Trouble in Little China. Subscribe to JaysAnalysis in the Purchase Membership […]

America’s “New Vision” of Central-Asia: Just Like Old One – Only Meaner

“A new vision of Central-Asia”, that’s how the Heritage Foundation think tank frames US policy in many CIS nations. However, the new version of the “vision” is perilously close to the former Anglo European colonial view of what should be in places like Kazakstan. A US State Department announcement of throwing some Agency for International […]

Killing Unknown

It’s hard to talk about the myriad issues piled in our society in a cohesive way, and when we try, we often get the same response:  “What is your solution?”  People get frustrated and demand an instant solution to the structural problem they are very much a part of. The very insistence on a single, cure-for-all-answer betrays their unwillingness to see the structural and systematic nature of the problem. Meanwhile they allow themselves “solutions” which are concocted by those who have created the problems.

Azerbaijan and the Plans of Israeli Politicians

As the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh mushrooms, the Israeli-Azerbaijani arms trade is flourishing, and in this case Netanyahu’s government is being chiefly guided by economic benefits, with political calculations, or rather miscalculations, in second place after those. It should be pointed out that at present the Israeli economy is experiencing great difficulties due to the pandemic, […]