Cricket and the Powerplay of Politics: Why CSK’s Honouring of Jadeja Reeks of Ignorant Caste Privilege

With the advent of the thirteenth edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL), the country, whose love for the game of cricket knows no bounds, found its much-seeked, collective escape for more than a month and a half. The notion of sport providing a hiatus from the hassles of our everyday life is certainly true, and for many sports aficionados,[Read More...]

How media praises RSS Chief Bhagwat’s ‘Muslims-happiest-in-India’ remarks 

The mainstream media has once failed to critically examine Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Chief Mohan Bhagwat’s statement in which he claimed that “the happiest Muslims are indeed those of India” (Sabse adhik sukhi musalman Bharat desh ke hi hain”). Some of them have even published a few articles in praise of Bhagwat and the RSS. Ironically, at the time of[Read More...]

Crystallization of Mass Revolutionary Movement in Punjab in the last 25 years –Tribute to the mass line of T.Nagi Reddy

   Today the state of Punjab is hit with an agricultural crisis with the Green Revolution making superficial or cosmetic   reforms. No way was the essence or base of feudalism hit with money lenders and commission agents still in the fray and dalit labourers still denied their rightful share of 1,3rd panchayat land. Remunerative prices promised have not been paid[Read More...]

Facebook, WhatsApp and Bihar Assembly Election 2020

Why Bihar Assembly election 2020 is Important? There are three reasons that made Bihar Assembly 2020 an epitome in India. First, a crucial assembly election during Covid -2019 when digital consultations were given due recognition. Second, the absence of two political veterans-Lalu Prasad Yadav and Late Ram Vilas Paswan from political podiums in the state. Third, digital participation and its[Read More...]

Post Covid-19 Challenges and Prospects in E-Governance: A Case Study of Anganwadi Services Under ICDS

Co-Written by MD Tabrez Alam & Dr Md Afroz The new pandemic Covid-19 engulfed entire world with high and low intensity differing country wise. India has severely affected reached at 2nd most cases in the world. It brought lots of challenges at the same time compelled to restructure the governance system. The use of Information and communications technology (ICTs) ensure[Read More...]

Tuberculosis and the Indian Poor: The present and the future

Co-Written by K Rajasekharan Nayar; Arathi P Rao; Lekha D Bhat; Anant Kumar and Parul Malik The World Health Organization has recently published the latest World Tuberculosis Report (2020) and there are many trends which are of serious concern regarding elimination of this age-old disease from the world (1). At one time, the Tuberculosis did not even spare some very[Read More...]

 Gagging the Media in Cases of Sexual Assault and Harassment

The rising incidence of gag orders by various powerful accused men in sexual assault and harassment cases has been of immense concern, especially because of the manner in which it shields them and further victimises the victims/complainants in these cases. A statement from the Network of Women in Media, India, draws attention to this and urges media houses to continue[Read More...]

PUCL Maharashtra Demands Transfer Of Hathras  Rape Case To Delhi

PUCL Maharashtra condemns the caste-based brutal rape and murder of the young Dalit woman from Hathras, UP, by upper caste men and the deliberate mishandling of the case, including delayed FIR, medical examination and burning of the body and destruction of evidence by state authorities.  PUCL Maharashtra condemns the even more reprehensible act of the UP government to create a[Read More...]
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Fear of the nation

The NIA probe in the Bhima Koregaon case has revealed that mass mobilization of militant Dalit and Muslim forces is happening against the government. ‘According to NIA, the documents seized from (Rona) Wilson mentioned that Dalits and Muslims must come together to build a major anti-fascist front in the Indian subcontinent as soon as possible.’ These documents are evidence against[Read More...]
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Christian who refused to renounce faith beaten up in Chhattisgarh

Jetel living in a village at Jagdalpur district of Chattisgarh state, has been incriminated for his faith in Jesus Christ. He had been receiving many warnings and threatening to recant his faith, and adopt his older ways when he was a Hindu. A mob of around 25-30 people went to his home, verbally abused and threatened him to forsake Christ.[Read More...]