Jeff Merkley

Guest Post From Oregon By Senator Jeff Merkley

I was on David Feldman's radio show the other day and he was very distraught because of the sudden death of his close friend Michael Brooks. Feldman seemed ready to, alternatively, explode with rage and break down sobbing. We're all a little stressed out-- between the pandemic and Trump. Anyway, he and I got to talking about Trump's recent lurch towards fascism and his threat to democracy itself.

Guest Post By Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR)-- Dump Trump, Ditch Mitch, Save America!

We first met Jeff when he was still Speaker of the Oregon House, a progressive through and through and a staunch champion for working families. We've supported him in his successful election and reelection efforts for the U.S. Senate and this cycle is no different. Jeff is spending much of his energy on campaigning to win the Senate back from the Republicans and turning McConnell out at the same time Trump is turned out.

How Long Before All TVs Come With Embedded Cameras So Big Bro Can Watch Us-- For Our Own Safety, Of Course?

At one point, a couple decades ago, some of the high-end airlines introduced a privacy feature for first class travelers: enclosed cabins. A flight attendant could stand oh his or her toes and took over the wall, but otherwise you could do whatever you wanted in privacy. Apparently, too many people did and they seem to have abolished them. Now it looks like they're introducing the opposite: tiny cameras that can watch you during the flight.

Xenophobia May Be Hard To Spell, But It's Easy To See-- Especially When Jeff Merkley Put Out A Secret Trump Regime Document

Pew released a new poll yesterday. One of the findings was that most voters say they don't believe what Trump says and that they're not confident officials in his administration are ethical. Just 39% are-- far fewer than for Reagan's (67%), George H.W. Bush's (59%), Clinton's (45%), George W. Bush's (44%) or Obama's (49%).