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Who Will Save The Grotesquely Corrupt Democratic Party Establishment From Bernie's Zeal For Reform And Fair Play?

Votes have finally still dribbling in from the New Hampshire primary when I was finishing up on this post. 100% of the votes have now been counted and all the candidates-- except Status Quo Joe, who was in South Carolina-- were already off to Nevada. The New Hampshire numbers were catastrophic for Biden but didn't cause him to drop out the way they did for Andrew Yang, Michael Bennet and Deval Patrick.

Do You Want The Election To Be All About Who Is The Bigger Liar, Trump Or Biden?

Democratic primary voters have been smelling Biden's bullshit and have been turning away-- some in disgust and some in disappointment. Like Trump, he's incapable of stopping himself from lying. Like he Trump, he lies about all things, great and small. He was one of the architects of the Iraq War and he lied over and over and over again, claiming he opposed it.

Dick Gephardt And Status Quo Joe Are A Certain Kind Of Democrat-- One Where A "P" Works Better Than A "T" As A final Letter

These people all belong in prison-- but only because no one would ever agree their crimes are capital offensesDick Gephardt’s dream was to be President or Speaker of the House or very wealthy; he never made it beyond majority leader, but he sure did become very wealthy, selling access to his friends in office to the highest bidders. Now he’s one of the nation's most contemptible Goldman Sachs and PhRMA lobbyist scumbags.

Explaining Medicare For All-- Mark Gamba In A Blueberry Patch And Bernie In The Den Of The Beast

You like Bernie's progressive agenda? Elizabeth Warren's progressive agenda? Even if America elects one of them-- or, hopefully, both of them-- to run the executive branch, without a more progressive legislative branch, much of that agenda will be stymied. As we saw Thursday, Medicare had been blocked since 1915 by a coalition of conservative Democrats and Republicans until a Democratic landslide in 1964, a landslide that made the GOP irrelevant and took power away from the Southern Democrats (the garbage members called Blue Dogs and New Dems today).

Destroying The Democratic Party Brand-- And Agenda... Meet The Filthy, Corrupt Blue Dogs

Bernie vs Establishment by Nancy OhanianI don't know how to get people I don't know off my Facebook "friends" list without going through all 5,000 names and deleting people I don't know. More than 90% of what I use Facebook for is to provide links for my DWT posts. Lately I've been getting a lot of comments like this: "Jesus Fucking Christ....I do not care who the Dem candidate is!

Sanders Takes the Campaign Against CAP to Eleven

From a Sanders fundraising letter sent after CAP's attack on himby Thomas Neuburger One of my biggest concerns about the 2016 Sanders campaign was that, at least at the beginning, it was too easily forced to apologize for attacks on supposed "allies of progressives" in the Democratic ecosystem — because "unity."The prime example of that occurred when Sanders accused the Planned Parenthood Action Fund — not Planned Parenthood the health ca

The Take Over Of The Democratic Party By Big Money Is Very Real

The Ugly Face of the TakeoverDuring the this cycle’s primary season, first Marie Newman (Chicago), then Alan Grayson (Orlando) and then Matt Heinz (Tucson) were all calling on the media to look into and report how Rupert Murdoch and his family and a handful of other right-wing billionaires were funneling immense sums of money into a