Why Resistance Matters: Palestinians are Challenging Israel’s Unilateralism, Dominance

Until recently, Israeli politics did not matter to Palestinians. Though the Palestinian people maintained their political agency under the most demoralizing conditions, their collective action rarely influenced outcomes in Israel, partly due to the massive discrepancy of power between the two sides. Now that Israelis are embarking on their fifth election in less than four […]

Time to Acknowledge Hateful Leader of “anti-hate” Group

What do you call an “antiracist” group led by an open ethnic/religious supremacist? Last year Israeli human rights group B’tselem published “A regime of Jewish supremacy from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea: This is apartheid.” The landmark report provides mainstream Jewish Israeli endorsement of what’s long been clear to Palestinians and the internationalist […]

“Anti-racist” but Pro-apartheid and Government Funded 

Should anti-racists collaborate with leading promoters of apartheid? An absurd question? Unfortunately, not. Recently Canadian Anti-Hate Network (CAHN) researchers Dan Collen and Étienne Quintal helped United Jewish Appeal (UJA) Toronto create Hatepedia. Collen and Quintal also work for the UJA-run Sarah and Chaim Neuberger Holocaust Education Centre. But UJA organizes Canada’s largest annual apartheid celebration […]

Gaza Fights Back

Gaza Fights Back is a MintPress News original documentary, directed by Dan Cohen. It tells the story of how Gaza’s armed resistance intervened in occupied Jerusalem as Israeli settlers expelled Palestinians from their homes and created provocations at the al-Aqsa compound. Featuring rare interviews with the Palestinian armed resistance and innocent victims of Israeli aggression, […]
The post Gaza Fights Back first appeared on Dissident Voice.

Zionism and the Dark Side of Germany

Post World War II Germany has exhibited commendable characteristics — publicly atoning for its Nazi past, working assiduously to create a thriving nation, designing a truly democratic country, integrating its European compatriots into a common market, leading others in opening borders to refugees, and modifying its previous ultra-nationalism to form the European union. Behind these […]

Dutch Farm Revolt Spreads, Confused Biden Goes To Israel & Hollywood Rapists - FF Ep176

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Henrik and Lana cover the latest in episode 176 of Flashback Friday July 15, 2022.
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