The Jerusalem Post Is Now Enlisting Washed-up ANC Apparatchiks to Whitewash Israel’s Practice of Ethnic Apartheid

Photo credit: Wall in Palestine/Flickr (CC, image edited) On September 24, the Jerusalem Post published an article titled, “Israel is not an apartheid state, former South African defense minister says.” The article notes that the former African National Congress (ANC) minister in question, Mosiuoa Lekota, served time in prison with Nelson Mandela during South Africa’s […]

Melbourne’s 75th Nakba Exhibition in St Paul’s Cathedral

16 September to 27 October 2023: St Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne holds 75th Nakba Exhibition This year marks the 75th anniversary of the 1948 Nakba (Catastrophe) in which about 800,000 Indigenous Palestinians (57% of the Indigenous Palestinian population) were expelled from their homes and villages by Zionist colonizers. From 16 September to 27 October 2023 […]

The Biden Administration’s Relations With Israel Aren’t Going To Change, Here’s Why

The US government’s long-held position of unconditional support for Israel is seemingly being placed under duress, due in large part to the current push from the regime in Tel Aviv towards a legal system overhaul. As Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, bars his ministers from traveling to Washington, speculation has arisen of a breakdown in Read More...

From Golda Meir to Ben-Gvir: Examining Israel’s Supremacist Apartheid Legacy

An unbiased look at the progression within Israeli politics shows that there is a clear and direct line between the early Zionists like Golda Meir and Shimon Peres and today’s Zionists Ben-Gvir and his vile constituency of racists.
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Gemma O'Doherty - Why Is Ireland Being Destroyed? - Hour 1

We discuss what is going on in Ireland with independent journalist Gemma O'Doherty who joins Henrik for a 2 part show.
We delve into what happened during the Covid pandemic with lockdowns, masking and the vaccine rollout. Now that a "new" Covid variant - and vaccine - is being hyped in the media underline the importance of resisting. We also talk about disassociating from "mainstream" society and building your own tribe, becoming more independent with your own communities.

Zionist Agents Drove Mass Jewish Exodus From Arab Countries, According To Israeli Historian

In a recently published memoir, written by Israeli-British historian, Avi Shlaim, new evidence was published on a series of false-flag attacks that were carried out by Zionists who were working on behalf of the Mossad in 1950-51. The information presented adds to the evidence that counters one of Tel Aviv’s top propaganda points, which it Read More...