“We don’t want to die of thirst, but we don’t want to betray: normalization is a big betrayal.”

Resistance, as a way of life, can help change the current image portrayed by the political and security elites in all of the Arab countries … Image: “We don’t want to die of thirst but we don’t want to betray; normalization is a big betrayal.” “Let Wadi Araba Treaty fall.” [Rima Najjar] Yesterday, I participated in demonstrations in downtown Amman against[Read More...]

Testing the waters: Russia explores reconfiguring Gulf security

Russia hopes to blow new life into a proposal for a multilateral security architecture in the Gulf, with the tacit approval of the Biden administration. If successful, the initiative would help stabilise the region, cement regional efforts to reduce tensions, and potentially prevent war-wracked Yemen from emerging as an Afghanistan on the southern border of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf of Aden[Read More...]

Japanese Stealth Aircraft Carriers?

Although unfamiliar with the details, most people recognize the purpose of stealth technology is to make aircraft effectively immune to radar detection at normal combat ranges. The question is, would it be possible, employing the same technology, to make stealth aircraft carriers? The answer, even with Japan’s undoubted technical prowess, is a decided no, at least not for the foreseeable[Read More...]

Public Sector and The Pandemic: Why Government Interventions Are Essential

In an interview of Joseph Stiglitz that appeared in Investopedia on 23 April 2020 he said “Covid 19 reminds us that when we have a crisis we turn to collective action and to government.” What became very crucial in countering the pandemic are the collective actions in which civil societies were forced to keep aloof from its internal decay like[Read More...]

Foreseeable Risk: Omicron Makes its Viral Debut

It has been written about more times than any care to remember.  Pliny the Elder, that old cheek, told us that Africa always tended to bring forth something new: Semper aliquid novi Africam adferre.  The suggestion was directed to hybrid animals, but in the weird pandemic wonderland that is COVID-19, all continents now find themselves bringing forth their types, making[Read More...]

Elitism is Not the Answer to Populism: On ‘Anti-Vaxxers’ and Mistrust in Government 

While “anti-vaxxers” continue to clash with police in various European cities, a whole media discourse has been formulated around the political leanings of these angry crowds, describing them in matter-of-fact terms as conspiracy theorists, populists and right-wing fanatics. While it is true that populist, right-wing movements throughout Europe and elsewhere have actively exploited the anger, confusion and lack of trust[Read More...]

Global Food Prices Reach Highest Level In More Than A Decade

Food prices rose to a 10-year high last month, hitting peak since July 2011 and extending the 30% increase recorded last year, according to a Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) report. The surge was led by increases in cereal crops like wheat and vegetable oils. The FAO Food Price Index, which tracks the international prices of food commodities, is up 3.9 per cent from September, rising for a third consecutive[Read More...]

Off to the Solomon Islands: Australia’s Civilizers Get Busy

A small riot.  Unrest.  Risk of collapse.  All given a ballooning effect and inflated for policy makers across the ocean.  Before much time elapses, Australian security forces are skirting off to restore order in their vast watery neighbourhood.  It is a reminder that such relations in the Pacific region are a mixture of intervention, forcible charitable guidance and, at times,[Read More...]

Amazon Workers Plan Global Black Friday Strike Demanding Better Wages And Tax Accountability

Amazon employees worldwide are planning to strike on one of the busiest shopping days of the year The strikes are set to take place at factories, warehouses, data centers, corporate offices and oil refineries across the world, including sites in Minnesota, California, Boston and New York City. The plan is to organize the work stoppage for Black Friday in more than 20 countries[Read More...]

Cuba: Five Years After Fidel

Fidel Castro died five years ago, but I feel like decades have passed in Cuba since November 25, 2016. Trump arrived and passed slowly with his string of sanctions that have felt worse than ever because of the pandemic. Then came Biden with his faint-hearted court, reeling us each day with veiled or direct threats, without daring to fulfill his[Read More...]