Why Does Wikipedia Claim a Fifth of Covid Infections Are ‘Severe’?

Why does Wikipedia's COVID-19 page claim 14% of infections are "severe" and 5% are "critical"? Worse, why does the US CDC say the same? Why aren't they following the up-to-date data, which puts global IFR at 0.15%?
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Top 12 The Grayzone stories of 2020: From Assange persecution to Bolivia coup defeat, corporate war on free speech to OPCW cover-up

2020 was a chaotic year for the planet. While the Covid-19 pandemic dominated global politics, The Grayzone continued shining a light on the machinations of empire, from the persecution of imprisoned journalist Julian Assange to the defeat of a US-backed coup regime in Bolivia, from the growing corporate war on free speech to the OPCW’s scandalous Syria cover-up. Throughout the year, The Grayzone’s website had more than 5.24 million views and 2.48 million unique visitors. Our small, independently funded team […]

Who endorses whom? A list of who is supporting the candidates.

The following lists are lifted from, which tracks endorsements for both candidates. Some of these will be quite interesting. We wish to concentrate here on external (international) endorsements, those of organized unions, a. However, we will note exceptions for both sides. As noted in the subheading, the Trump list includes a substantial list of […]

Julian Assange Faces Second Superseding Indictment

Binoy kampmark The Kafkaesque Imperium has taken yet another absurd step towards mean absurdity with another superseding indictment against Julian Assange. This move by the US Department of Justice seems to have surprised those involved in his extradition proceedings. Mark Summers QC, one of the members of the Assange legal team, did not conceal his …

Censorship as a Way to Instill and to Impose LIes

When the truth is censored, lies become imposed and enforced, by removing truth and leaving lies in its place. That’s what propaganda is. It depends on censorship. Only propagandists and their victims (suckers — the people who are fooled by propagandists) want there to be any censorship, at all. Wherever there are censors, there should be no trust; but, unfortunately, some individuals trust censors. Some individuals are fools: they invite being deceived.

Project Venezuela: Right-Wing Activists Push Wikipedia to Blacklist MintPress, other Alternative Media

Still unable to convince a sufficient number of their countryfolk to support them, the Venezuelan opposition has turned their efforts towards convincing an international audience – primarily Americans – to support their cause. Part of that is spending inordinate amounts of time online, arguing in English on social media, creating bot networks, and editing Wikipedia articles. Many Wikipedia articles on Venezuela are particularly biased towards the opposition, containing numerous inaccuracies, falsehoods and non-sequiturs.