TWIN FLAMES CULT, Teal Swan & Life Coach Grifters -Tristan Haggard & Jay Dyer

Jay Dyer and Tristan (Twin Flames?) explore the millennial new-ager normie cult phenomenon of “Twin Flame” relationship gurus and the nihilistic pop-culture of narcissism, self-love, isolation, and desperate search for meaning and truth that breeds these strange post-Christian cults. A fun comedic deep dive on the world of Twin Flames, including analysis of the Netflix […]


Tonight we will catch up with our friends Klaus and company in Davos since their yearly party just ended, to see what the plans are coming down the pike for us plebs. We will see how eating meat is bad, how any narrative counter the establishment is misinformation, climate change is real, it’s time to […]

Ben Shapiro Vs Cosmic Skeptic REVIEW & Rollo Tomassi & James Sexton Exchange -Jay Dyer

Tonight we return to debate reviews as we check out a key clip from the recent Ben Shapiro Vs Cosmic Skeptic debate, as well as a breakdown of the recent red pill discussion with Rollo and James Sexton on Destiny, Women and God, and more! Sign up for Richard Grove’s newest course on becoming self […]

TIK TOK CRINGE: Witches, Preachers, Atheists, Starseeds, Gurus & DINKS -Jay Dyer

Saturday is fun day – where we entertain ourselves by refuting and demolishing the LOWEST HANGING FRUIT – the trends on Tik TOK! What could be more fun? Nothing. We will check in on withchtok, the atheists, our new age gurus and started friends, the latest spells and incantations and our new friends, the DINKS. […]

Top SCARY Ghost, GLITCH in the MATRIX, CRYPTID & UFO Videos – Jay Dyer

As I said, we would delve into this topic soon and here we are. It is now time. Get ready to get ridiculous with a selection of the best bizarre, unexplained and mysterious clips from the bigger channels that I find interesting. Channels cited include Slapped Ham, Chills, Top5s and Impossible Channel. Live at 3PM […]

Writings of the Global Elite, Mind Control & Comedy – Jay Dyer on Lodgical Podcast

Lodge and I discuss past debates, the philosophy of debate, the writings of the elite, comedy, mind control and much more! The Lodgical Podcast is here. Remember to boost that T naturally with 50% all products at using promo code ‘JAY50‘ Subscribe to JaysAnalysis in the Purchase Membership section to access the archives of videos […]

Aliens, Demons & God: Rocker DOROTHY Joins Me to Discuss!

Dorothy is a rockstar and joined me to discuss her wild journey and deliverance. Was a fun interview and covered a lot of theological territory, especially given the recent alien news. Dorothy is here. Her new song with Nita Strauss is here. Next up on our live tour is Los Angeles – July 6 with […]
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Upcoming Live Events with Jamie Hanshaw & Jay Dyer

We have a series of Live Events coming up! Be sure and get your tickets now! Big Live Event in Nashville June 3-4 before my Cali event! I’ll be speaking here! tix HERE Next up on our live tour is Los Angeles – July 6 with Jamie Kennedy! 5 hours of shenanigans with Kennedy as headliner! Get […]
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Top 10 CRAZY Cult Films You’ve Never Seen! Jay & Jamie

We’ve all seen the classic, popular films about cults like Eyes Wide Shut or Rosemary’s Baby, but there are several lesser known, forgotten or obscure films about cults that are worth perusing. We found 10 specimens that we have ranked from 10 to 1 with a breakdown and analysis of each. LIVE THURSDAY 8PM CST […]
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