War in Ukraine

Roger Waters Added to Ukrainian Hit List

Pink Floyd Star Declared “Enemy of Ukraine” I have written about the Ukrainian hit list known as Mirotvorets, or “Peacekeeper,” twice before. The first time was in an article about internet censorship, and the second time was when a 13-year-old Ukrainian girl, Faina Savenkova, was added to the list for publicly speaking out against Kyiv’s bloody war on Russian-speaking civilians […]

In Just Under Three Weeks, Ukrainian-Fired Prohibited “Petal” Mines Maim At Least 44 Civilians, Kill 2, in Donetsk Region

Ukraine continues to fire internationally-banned anti-personnel mines on civilian areas of Donetsk and other cities in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), in violation of international law and of the mine ban convention Ukraine signed in 1999 and ratified in 2005. Since July 27, Ukraine has been firing rockets containing cluster munitions filled with banned PFM-1 […]

What do the New York Times, Kiev Independent, Euromaidan Press, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and TikTok All Have in Common?

They are all funded by or staffed by Western and U.S. intelligence members pushing the U.S. narrative about the war in Ukraine. This is why Struggle-La-Lucha.org organized a fact-finding mission to Ukraine and Russia to report on the suppressed information that challenges the narrative of NATO and its member states, led by the U.S. This […]

World-Class Ballerina and Twelve-Year-Old Protégé Among Those Murdered by Ukraine

How long will the U.S. continue to support these atrocities? And when will a movement develop to try and block U.S. military aid to Ukraine? On August 4, Ukrainian army rockets struck the drama theater of Donetsk and a neighboring area, killing famed ballerina and teacher, Galina Vasilyevna Volodina, and one of her protégés, Katya […]

Ukrainian Regime Led by Media Darling Volodymyr Zelensky Kidnaps Student Dissidents, Bans Opposition Parties, Shuts Down Independent Media, Commits Egregious War Crimes and Imposes Regressive Labor Laws

More Ukrainian Soldiers Continue to Defect as Eastern Ukrainians See Better Future with Russian Federation For more than five months, full-scale hostilities have taken place on the territory of Ukraine. The number of victims is growing every day on both sides of the front line. From the signing of the “Minsk 2” peace agreement in […]

War Propaganda About Ukraine Starting to Wear Thin

More and More Are Seeing Through the Lies As Amnesty International confirms the inconvenient truths, which many independent journalists and political observers already knew, about the Ukrainian army’s behavior in Donbass, it’s worth examining how manipulating the truth has become—not only an everyday occurrence but a central element of the West’s proxy war in Ukraine. An increasing […]

Russians Welcomed as Liberators in Many Eastern Ukrainian Cities Contrary to Western Media Depictions

People of liberated territories likely to vote in favor of joining Russia in forthcoming referenda—just like Crimeans did in 2014 [Sonja van den Ende has been reporting on the war in eastern Ukraine and has received protection from the Russian military.—Editors] On my way from Severodonetsk to Lysychansk on the right bank of the Donetsk […]

High-Level Ukrainian Intelligence Official Admits U.S. Deeply Involved in Ukraine Conflict

Major General Vadym Skibitsky, the deputy head of the Kyiv regime’s military intelligence directorate, admitted in an interview with the British daily Telegraph, that the U.S. government is involved in targeting decisions regarding U.S. supplied Lockheed Martin’s High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS). Moscow has seized on this admission to charge the U.S. with direct involvement […]

Shedding Light on Who, Exactly, is Responsible for the War in Ukraine

On July 7, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR.org) published an article by Gregory Shupak analyzing the hypocrisy of U.S. corporate media in its reporting of Ukraine, specifically the differing treatment by Western media of the situations in Donbas compared to that of the Serbian-Albanian territory of Kosovo. The article was titled, “Media support ‘self-determination’ […]

Has the Ukraine Conflict Driven U.S. Government Officials Crazy?

Latest outrage is the FBI’s use of flash-bang grenades and drones to startle 80-year-old leader of Black Nationalist organization who was accused of being a Russian agent—on the grounds that he attended a meeting on self-determination in Moscow seven years ago. FBI also accuses alleged Russian agent of trying to support California’s secession. At 5 […]