War Crimes

Why was British ISIS member ‘Jihadi George’ tried in a US court?

“Beatles” ISIS member was tried in the US was to conceal his previous links to British intelligence and his role in their regime-change efforts in Syria By William Van Wagenen | The Cradle | February 2, 2023 In January 2023, reports emerged that Alexanda Kotey, known as “Jihadi George” and one of the four British […]

The Alarming Trend in Core Mortality Since the Vaccine Rollout

BY NICK BOWLER | THE DAILY SCEPTIC | FEBRUARY 3, 2023 In a previous article I introduced the concept of looking at mortality from non-respiratory causes (i.e., not deaths from flu, Covid or other similar pathogens) as a better indicator of core mortality changes in the U.K. population than either excess deaths alone (or even excess non-Covid […]

Israel Illegally Attacks Iran And Iraq With Drone Strikes

At least three separate aerial bombardments in Iran and Syria/Iraq were attributed to Israel between Sunday and Monday, the most notable being a drone attack against targets in the Iranian city of Isfahan on Sunday morning. The attacks have now sparked fear of a retaliation by Tehran, causing Israel to position its air defenses in Read More...

Rights group submits objection to US plans to build new embassy in Jerusalem

MEMO | January 31, 2023 Adalah yesterday filed an objection against the Jerusalem District Planning Committee over the US’ plan to build a new embassy on illegally confiscated Palestinian land in Jerusalem. Action was taken on behalf of 12 of the descendants of the original Palestinian owners of the land, with the rights group calling […]

Australian Health Authorities Call For More COVID Boosters… But The Public Says No

By Tyler Durden | Zero Hedge | January 30, 2023 Australia and New Zealand suffered some of the worst pandemic mandate conditions of any country in the western world, crossing the line into totalitarianism on a number of occasions. Australian authorities restricted residents of larger cities to near house arrest, with people not being allowed […]

Russia names people behind US-backed Ukraine biological projects

RT | January 30, 2023 Russian troops have obtained over 20,000 documents pertaining to American biological research programs in Ukraine since the start of Moscow’s military operation, the country’s Defense Ministry announced on Monday. The most recent trove brought to light a number of key players in these projects who had previously “remained in the […]

New Study: COVID Vaccines ‘Profoundly Impair’ Protective Immunity, ‘Probably Enhance Disease Severity’

By Kenneth Richard | No Tricks Zone | January 19, 2023 Recipients of repeated COVID-19 mRNA vaccinations may have fully damaged their immune system’s capacity to protect them from severe effects from the disease. Each successive booster shot may actually worsen protection. Even though it has been determined that COVID-19 vaccinated young people aged 18-24 are 44 times […]