How America Hides the Human Toll of its Forever Wars, with Norman Solomon

America is addicted to war. But its citizens rarely see the brutal realities of the U.S. military industrial complex up close. That is because our pliant media hides the carnage from the public, refusing to report on the victims of the war machine, and uses euphemisms like "surgical strikes" and "enhanced interrogation techniques" to mask the barbarity meted out by Washington around the world.


The Ukrainian leader resorts to lies and threats at the tail end of a failing counteroffensive Next Tuesday will be the anniversary of the Biden administration’s destruction of three of the four pipelines of Nord Stream 1 and 2. There is more I have to say about it, but it will have to wait. Why? Because the war between Russia and Ukraine, […]
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“A Good Investment”: The Ukraine War and the US Arms Racket

It all tallies.  War, investments and returns.  The dividends, solid, though the effort expended – at least by others – awful and bloody.  While a certain narrative in US politics continues in the vein of traditional cant and hustling ceremony regarding the Ukraine War – “noble freedom fighters, we salute you!” twinned with “Russian aggressors […]

Interview 1833 - James Corbett on We Talk About Dead People

via We Talk About Dead People Podcast: We are joined by James Corbett of The Corbett Report for a fast-paced power hour of facts, research, and explosive discussion on everything from 9/11 to television-based mind control (no joke).
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Macaulay and My 75-Cent Epiphanies, Part 1

Macaulay and My 75-Cent Epiphanies, Part 1 by James Bovard Fearing that my writing style was becoming anemic, I recently sought a literary booster shot from my bookshelves. Happily, a dozen volumes of Thomas Macaulay awaited me. Macaulay made history mesmerizing, and I have been captivated by his speed, grace, and wit for 40 years. […]
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One in Two Hundred and Forty-Eight Thousand: A Migrant’s Journey Not to the Mythic Mexico-U.S. Border But a Beeline Back To Cuba

While socioeconomic conditions worsen and desperation mounts, caravans heading northbound to the Mexico-U.S. border keep flowing. Holguín, CUBA — “I’m sure you guys heard this all the time and it’s probably…cheesy and cliché but the American dream dies hard,” said The New York Times Andes bureau chief, Julie Turkewitz. “Even after…all of the problems that […]