War, Market Meltdown & More War for 2023 – Gerald Celente

by Greg Hunter, USA Watchdog: Renowned trends researcher and publisher of “The Trends Journal,” Gerald Celente, predicted last February on USAWatchdog.com that “World War III has already started.”  Fast forward to today, and the global war is increasing at an alarming rate.  Celente says, “American troops are on the ground in Ukraine, they are just […]

Caitlin Johnstone puts it simply – The USA is the most tyrannical nation on earth. [Video]

The United States of America was founded as an answer to the tyranny of abusive power from a leadership that everyone was required to be loyal to at all costs. Rebelling against the most powerful empire on Earth was a very risky proposition, and the Founders of the American nation had no ambition to create […]

Mental Health Outcomes Tied to “Other Outcomes”

You didn’t need to hear it from me that the USA is subjected to some of the most insane and inhumane policies tied to the criminal injustice system; tied to mass public K12 education; and corporate overlording; or anti-union activities; also to taxation; or finance; and health care; tied to infrastructure care; or tied to […]
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Rage Against the War Machine - #SolutionsWatch

Angela McArdle of the Libertarian Party and Nicholas Brana of the People's Party join us today to discuss Rage Against the War Machine, an anti-war rally that will be held in Washington, D.C. on February 19th. We discuss the genesis of the rally, the demands of the protestors, what the organizers hope to accomplish and how those interested in attending or helping with the rally can get involved.

How America’s ‘Defense’ (aggression) Contractors Control America’s Government

Eric Zuesse Probably no corporation possesses a bigger share of control over America’s Government than does the one that sells more to the U.S. Government than does any other: Lockheed Martin. Actually, its top owners, or the group of stockholders who dominate the firm and cooperatively together control its policies and determine whom the corporation’s […]

Patriarch Kirill asks President Putin to call ceasefire for Christmas, Ukraine says “hell, no” [Video]

A truce proposed by President Vladimir Putin of Russia, under the suggestion of Patriarch Kirill I of the Russian Orthodox Church, is set to be put in place for Russian armed forces starting 12:00 local time and lasting until midnight January 8th. This 36-hour period is intended to facilitate Orthodox Christians attendance of Church services […]

Dmitry Rogozin sends French ambassador a memento of the war [Video]

Dmitri Rogozin, once head of the Russian space agency Roskosmos, penned a letter to Pierre Levy, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of France. This letter calls out the French government for its participation in the Ukraine – Russia war, and includes a shell fragment that was fired from a French artillery piece […]