Why Vietnam War Plus

Why Vietnam War Plus The Ochelli Effect 7-20+21-2022 Mike Swanson Why Vietnam War Plus This Podcast represents Wednesday and Tuesday on the LIVE Ochelli Effect. Chuck and Mike talk about the evolving narratives of historical writing. How has the story about the Vietnam war changed with the emerging facts and documents that have been [...]
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Kissinger’s Davos speech, at the age of 99, shows he never understood what he was doing.

Eric Zuesse Nixon’s Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, assisted the U.S. Government’s evils in Vietnam, but also helped China to moderate away from Mao’s rigid Marxism. (Mao considered himself to be applying Marx’s views to a then still predominantly rural national culture.) In both matters, he was reflecting the policy preferences of Republican-Party billionaires, at […]

Phoenix From the Ashes: From Vietnam Technowar to Technocracy (Half) – Jay Dyer

Tonight’s lecture will cover the real story of Vietnam as best I can tell from various academic, intelligence and historian sources. From the Jacobsen History of DARPA to Valentine’s Phoenix Program, Vietnam encompasses a psychological operation like no other. The full lecture will be available for paid subs to my site or r0kfin. Live at […]

Washington Foreign Policy Experts Could Get Us All Killed

The Biden administration appears to be blundering ever close to a war with Russia. People can condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the killing of civilians without fantasizing that the U.S. military has a magic wand to stop that war.  Unfortunately, the American media and a herd of pundits is pushing for military intervention such […]

Raiding the World Bank

Update: Here’s a more recent piece I wrote on the World Bank continuing to finance tyrants. A U.N. Special Rapporteur reported in 2015 that the World Bank’s approach “to human rights is incoherent, counterproductive and unsustainable. For most purposes, the World Bank is a human rights-free zone.” Mises Institute, December 13, 2021 Raiding the World […]
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Russian-Vietnamese Relations and the Joint Fight Against the Pandemic

The history of relations between Russia and Vietnam goes back to Soviet times when the USSR supported the Vietnamese communists in their war for creating their state, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (SRV). After that, the Soviet Union became a major partner of the SRV for many years. The common ideology, joint opposition to the […]

Cooperation between Russia and Vietnam Strengthens Steadily

Vietnam is one of Russia’s key partners in the Asia-Pacific region. The Socialist Republic of Vietnam (SRV) and Russia continue to develop cooperation, which has traditionally been friendly, based on years of close cooperation in a wide range of areas (diplomatic relations were established on 30 January 1950). The bilateral legal framework consists of over eighty […]