UFO / Alien Disclosure & “Crashed Physical Evidence” Plus UAP Clips – Jay Dyer

It’s back as we predicted – the pentagon is hyped up about aliens and UFOs and the recent claims of crashed craft, recycling the old Roswell myth. Area 51 and the underground base claims are also resurfacing, but what it is really behind alien disclosure? Is it a massive deception? Live at 4 PM CST […]

This guy is saying the same thing as Youtuber “Eyes Wide Open ” so it’s a story of the real world, a world I have lived in since I was 16 years old and a world about which almost no one knows about

7:49 “You know and that’s how the world runs. It’s all about resources, all the rest of it is all PR for the Proles” Just like Orwell said. “In reality very little was known about the proles. It was not necessary to know much. So long as they continued to work and breed, their other […]