The Ukraine crisis, sponsored by US hegemony and war profiteers

New US “lethal aid” for Ukraine, courtesy of US taxpayers and their weapons industry beneficiaries. (U.S. Embassy in Ukraine) By Aaron Maté | January 26, 2022 The US-Russia standoff over Ukraine has sparked bellicose threats and fears of Europe’s biggest ground war in decades. There are ample reasons to question the prospects of a Russian invasion, and […]

Live and Unplugged – True Covid History given to Irish Nurses Group!

Ivor Cummins | January 26, 2022 My recent talk to Irish Nurses and Mother’s Group – no punches pulled – please share! NOTE: My extensive research and interviewing / video/sound editing and much more does require support – please consider helping if you can with monthly donation to support me directly, or one-off payment: […]

The Ten Commandments of The Luciferian Elite

Jay Dyer of guest hosts The hAlex J0nes Show to break down the Ten Commandments of the Luciferian elite. Remember to boost that T naturally with 50% all products at using promo code ‘JAY50’ Subscribe to JaysAnalysis in the Purchase Membership section to access the archives of videos and interviews and lectures or purchase […]

Human Augmentation? A Post-Human World? -Jay Dyer

In this video I give an overview of the UK MOD and German Gov document, Human Augmentation: Dawn of a New Paradigm. The amazing document prepares for future war and the need to alter morals, ethics and engineer the masses into acceptance of the biosecurity state. Remember to boost that T naturally with 50% all […]
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Church Spies! Soft Power, CIA & KGB Churches, Cults & Geopolitics – Jay Dyer (Half)

 State use of the Church extends far beyond the modern world: Many Byzantine Emperors attempted to use the Church, many kings attempted to co-opt the church, as well as using religions in general, which is a form of religious soft power. The ancient world saw the state proclaiming itself god, and often the state’s […]