Big Tech Cartels Versus Freedom of Speech, Culture and Conscience

I released a song called Rome is Burning to most streaming platforms on March 1, 2021. The next day the video of the song was posted on YouTube. The song and accompanying video are based on the mass protests that took place in 2020 against state organized racist violence and oppression triggered by a bystander’s […]
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Cancelled Pro Skateboarder Speaks Out on New World 0rder – Jay Dyer + Weckingball

Jay Dyer of guest hosts The hAlex J0nes Show with canceled pro skater “Joe Weckinghamerstein” of instagram fame  to expose the New World 0rder. We cover the infiltration and use of niche subcultures, big corporations, and the illuminate confirm. Support Weck on his patreon here.     Subscribe to JaysAnalysis in the Purchase Membership section to […]

Presentations to Moscow’s Horizon 2100 Conference by Cynthia Chung and Matthew Ehret

  Cynthia Chung is a lecturer, writer and co-founder and editor of the Rising Tide Foundation (Montreal, Canada). Matthew Ehret is the Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Patriot Review, Senior Fellow at the American University in Moscow, BRI Expert on Tactical talk, and has authored 3 volumes of ‘Untold History of Canada’ book series. In 2019 […]

The Coming Satanic AEON – Jay Dyer (Half)

 Tonight we will analyze a lengthy essay written by a famous satanist before he passed away in 2010. The essay will delve into the plans and plots of intelligence agencies and underground groups and cults, the great reset, the new age, cultural issues and the plan to bring about a new aeon, or age. […]
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Viral Reality Check – What’s going on, but with real logic and science

Ivor Cummins | September 13, 2021 Quick update on the evolving irrationality of our viral issue – couple of links below that were mentioned: Revealing talk on one major reason WHY science died in early 2020:—Uncovering-the-Corona-Narrative—Aug-2021:8 Also our Covid Chronicles movie latest update here:… NOTE: My exte