Cash4Covid – How hospitals are making money off the coronavirus

Early on in the launch of the Sars-Cov-2/Covid19 “pandemic”, it was revealed by Dr Scott Jensen that hospitals in the US were getting paid bonuses for diagnosing Covid19 in their patients, and then larger bonuses again if those patients were put on ventilators. We’re not fact-checking that. We don’t need to. It’s already been done.

As Governments Struggle to Contain Coronavirus, Doctors Get Inventive

It doesn’t look like much. In fact, it looks like garbage: a cheap plastic hose inserted into a metal box. But Dr. Rhys Thomas’ invention is worth its weight in gold – and it’s already saving lives. Dr. Thomas, a senior consultant at Glangwili Hospital in Wales, has designed, prototyped and constructed a working ventilator in just three days – a machine of critical importance in fighting COVID–19. Ventilators help patients breathe, a crucial machine in the fight against the respiratory illness that has infected at least 438,000 people worldwide.