Many Mormons Abhor Trump's Immoral Character-- But Not In The Voting Booth, At Least Not In Utah

Kristian Right by Nancy OhanianLike virtually all of America, Utah voted for FDR all 4 times he ran. In fact, in the first reelection bid, Utah's 4 electoral votes went to Roosevelt with 69.34% of the vote in the Beehive State. In 1948, Utah's bonds with the Democratic Party were still strong and Truman beat Dewey 54-45%. Then the GOP lucked out.

Can You Imagine Trump Losing A Deep Red State Like Utah-- Unlikely, But Not Impossible

Utah CapitolUtah used to be a normal state. Voters were with FDR all 4 times he ran and voted for Harry Truman in 1948. They voted for Eisenhower both times-- but many states did-- and then voted for Nixon over JFK, indicating a possible new direction for the electorate there. After rejecting Barry Goldwater in 1964, Utah has consistently been one of the reddest states in the Union.

Historic November Landslide In The Making?

Utah has a couple of blue and purple counties-- Salt Lake and Summit (which Hillary won in 2016) and Grand which she kind of won too-- 1,934 for Hillary and 1,932 for Señor Trumpanzee, a 43.4% to 43.4% tie, with #NeverTrump conservative Evan McMullin and Libertarian Gary Johnson getting most of the balance. In 2018 Mitt Romney lost both Summit and Grand to Jenny Wilson, a Democrat.

The Democratic Establishment Freak-Out

That depends on what you mean by "Democrats"That there is a Stop Bernie movement among the Democratic Party leaders instead of a Stop Republican Oligarch Michael Bloomberg Movement tells you all you will ever need to know about the Democratic Establishment. As a cohort, they are less than worthless. Joe Biden was their anointed Jeb Bush for the 2020 election cycle.

Candidate-Wise, Is The Democratic Tent Too Big? Should They Really Keep Recruiting Blue Dogs And New Dems For Congress?

Early Monday morning, the NY Times published a piece by Catie Edmondson and Emily Cochrane, In Conservative Districts, Democrats Have To Answer For Party's Left Wing, that gets off on the wrong foot right from the very start, describing reactionary Utah Blue Dog Ben McAdams as a "moderate." He isn't.Edmondson and Cochra

Why Cry Over A Blue Dog Loser?

It would have made more sense for Matheson and McAdams to run as Republicans[Note: This post is for progressives, not for garden variety Democrats or corporatists.] There’s one district in Utah-- the 4th-- that looks winnable for a Democrat. The last Democrat from the district, Jim Matheson, was an ultra-reactionary Blue Dog who made a career out of voting with the Republicans on crucial matters.