USA in the World

Does the US Intend to Trigger a Bacteriological War?

Amid the unrelenting threat posed by secret US bio-labs against Russia, China and several post-Soviet republics in Central Asia,  a number of news reports in recent days in the Western media have unwittingly drawn attention. On the one hand, the US as well as the British media have acknowledged in numerous statements by their experts […]

UN being Used as a Cover for Criminal Activity in Africa

Founded after the end of the Second World War, the United Nations Organization set itself a primary goal of defending peace and justice in all countries. In furtherance of this goal the UN has sent troops to armed conflicts of all kinds, mounting some 70 peacekeeping missions since 1945. Known as Blue Helmets, some 100,000 […]

The Afghan Syndrome and the Same Old Mistake of American Neoconservatives

After the disgraceful flight of United States troops from Afghanistan, when the whole world watched with surprise and horror the nightmarish scenes at the airport, the rate at which the once-US-friendly government collapsed, giving way to the Taliban (banned in Russia), and experienced the tragic human stories of those Afghans who remained in the country, […]

Why is the US Stirring Up Tibet as an ‘Issue’?

More than a mere territorial and ethnic question, Tibet, for the US, is a geo-political opportunity to up the ante against China in Asia and the Indo-Pacific region. The US decision to appoint a ‘special envoy’ for Tibetan ‘issue’ comes at a time when the US’ anti-China rhetoric has persistently failed to drive a wave […]

Why does the US Need Wars and Armed Conflicts?

During the last thirty years after the collapse of the USSR, the world, renamed by the West into a “Euro-Atlantic” one, began to change drastically, giving itself a completely different substance than Washington and the “renewed Europe” organized by America wanted it to be. It began to swell with a completely different meaning, the balance […]

From Summits to Boycotts – America’s Waning Influence

In recent months the US has attempted to flex its geopolitical might on the global stage in regards to China. First, the US attempted to trigger a widespread diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Beijing Olympic games. After announcing no US diplomats would attend the games in Beijing, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada followed. New […]

The Dark Heart of Treason Infecting America’s Military

America’s military power is a sham. With talk about fighting ground wars against Iran or Russia, only those who really know America’s military and its current condition can understand the insanity of these scenarios. I served in America’s military, the Marine Corps, in Vietnam. Pay was typically 30% of minimum wage and less than 20% […]

The United States as the Primary Source of Terrorism

In a fervor of cross-partisan struggle and in pursuit of a bombshell, the New York Times was forced to publish hundreds of secret Pentagon records on innocent civilians that died due to reckless airstrikes conducted by the US military in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. Flawed and handicapped US intelligence is a notion that the rest of […]