Awash in Warped Words

"The malleability of language has allowed new iterations of statism to masquerade as means to the good society, because linguistic misdirection has made foolish thoughts about social organization more viable. At the same time, it has made it harder to communicate the benefits that are only achievable through liberty." ~ Gary M. Galles

Time for the US To Stop Worrying About the Persian Gulf

One of Washington’s most dubious military commitments is the Persian Gulf. Concerned about the West’s heavy reliance on oil and Israel’s security, successive administrations turned the Middle East into a potential American war zone beginning in the 1970s. A half century later the case for U.S. involvement has dissipated. Rather than make Americans safe and … Continue reading "Time for the US To Stop Worrying About the Persian Gulf"

Biden Administration’s Coercive Iran Policy Threatens a Serious New Regional Crisis

Reprinted from The Grayzone with the author’s permission. A close analysis of recent statements by members of President Joseph Biden’s foreign policy team indicates his administration has already signaled its intention to treat negotiations with Iran as an exercise in diplomatic coercion aimed at forcing major new concessions extending well beyond the 2105 nuclear agreement.

The ‘Humanitarian’ Left Still Ignores the Lessons of Iraq, Libya and Syria To Cheer On More War

The instinct among parts of the left to cheerlead the right’s war crimes, so long as they are dressed up as liberal "humanitarianism", is alive and kicking, as Owen Jones revealed in a column last week on the plight of the Uighurs at China’s hands. The "humanitarian war" instinct persists even after two decades of … Continue reading "The ‘Humanitarian’ Left Still Ignores the Lessons of Iraq, Libya and Syria To Cheer On More War"

Free Labor Markets vs. Biden’s Push for Compulsory Unionism

"Joe Biden’s pro-union labor agenda, if implemented, would rob all those working for a living the liberty and latitude to do so freely and of their own choosing. They would be reduced to servants and supplicants to those controlling the unions and who possess the power to allow or prevent people from working in various walks of life, while determining the wages and conditions under which they may accept and find employment." ~ Richard M. Ebeling

Josephine Turck Baker: To the Mothers of the Martyred Dead upon the Field of Battle

==== Anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts American writers on peace and against war Women writers on peace and war ==== Josephine Turck BakerThe CrossTo the Mothers of the Martyred Dead upon the Field of Battle My flesh cries out for its own flesh!My blood demands its own heart’s blood!The thunderous roar of […]

Testing Positive for COVID-Bootlicking

Libertarian Institute, January 26, 2021 Testing Positive for COVID-Bootlicking by Jim Bovard | Jan 26, 2021 The COVID pandemic has shown how easy it is to make people hate anyone who is not as frightened as themselves. Since last March, politicians and health officials have fanned fears to commandeer far more control over Americans’ daily […]
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