PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING IN THE PERIPHERAL This author is certainly a fan of words and terms that have double meanings, as it is with “predictive programming in the peripheral”. Certainly most people are aware of being surrounded by predictive programming from nearly all things ‘officialdom’ which includes news outlets, but also popular movies and television series. … Continue reading →

Tel Aviv’s Losing Brands: Israeli ‘Coup’ and the Death of False Democracy

From its very onset, Israel has constructed a brand for itself, a powerful gimmick that was predicated on two main pillars: democracy and stability. The main target audience for this brand has been powerful Western states that wielded disproportionate political, economic and military powers.


SPECIAL THANKS TO NORMAN DAVIES FOR CREATING THESE AMAZING AUDIO FILES A gifted listener/reader recently sent me some excellent audio montages I know the rest of you will enjoy. These artistic works are full of hard-hitting truths mixed with a wide array of music and radio interview sound bites, rounded out with mesmerizing soulful vibes. … Continue reading →

Amnesty International pushes regime change in Eritrea with dubious, unverifiable report

Amnesty’s new report accusing Eritrea’s government of gruesome war crimes relies heavily on anonymous testimony, grainy satellite images, and zero field investigation. It is the latest salvo in the West’s campaign to topple the country’s independent government. Eritrea is a small country with a geostrategically significant coast on the Red Sea. Fiercely independent, it is one of only two African nations that refuse to collaborate with AFRICOM, the US Africa Command. Committed to an incremental, self-reliant development strategy, it has […]

Voltaire: Sister of Death! inexorable War!

==== Anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts French writers on war and peace Voltaire: Selections on war ==== VoltaireLa Pucelle (The Maid of Orleans) Sister of Death! inexorable War!Who from Alecto claim’st thy hated birth,Who driv’st o’er heaps of slain thy whirling Car ,Whose direful rage depopulates the Earth:Sole law of those we […]

Fact Checking Biden’s UN Speech: Words Versus Action

US President Joe Biden’s speech before the General Assembly on September 19 spent surprisingly little time on Russia and the war in Ukraine and, in many ways, hit many of the right notes with its praise of “Sovereignty, territorial integrity, human rights . . . the core tenets of the U.N. Charter, the pillars of … Continue reading "Fact Checking Biden’s UN Speech: Words Versus Action"

Africa Is a Continent, Not a Chess Piece

Now that we are in a second Cold War era, there is a full fledged “Tournament of Shadows” for what was once called “The Dark Continent.” This was brought to light by the recent coup in the West African country of Niger, which saw the Palace Guards overthrow the elected President Mohamed Bazoum. Now, at … Continue reading "Africa Is a Continent, Not a Chess Piece"

Saving Congress (Harrumph) on the Brian Wilson Podcast

“Brian Wilson and Jim have all the latest and more from the new John Fetterman Finishing School, Congressional Hijinks, Biden Family Skullduggery and the upcoming Kevin McCarthy Job Hunt!” Plus, the story of the bogus dress code violation that got me evicted from the press box at the Supreme Court. Listen live at this link: […]
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BEING FULLY PRESENT This author has used the term “fully present” more often of late, because over time it’s become obvious how much of our human experience is lost to us in its absence—in our absence. When we’re fully present, we aren’t just ‘hearing’ something or someone. We’re intently observing, calculating, processing, trying to understand … Continue reading →

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Selections on war

Anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts German writers on peace and war Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Selections on war Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: I have not a warlike nature nor warlike tastes Goethe: “O wisdom, thou speakest as a dove!” Goethe: Withdraw hands from your swords Benedetto Croce: Goethe, consolation and courage in time […]