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Bumper Harvest of Cluster Bombs: and/or ONE BIG Cluster Fuck 4-Ukraine?

Any human rights activist or soldier can tell you why cluster bombs should be banned, as only too often they fail to hit their intended target, end up hitting civilians, or even their own soldiers, as was the case with Israeli-made cluster bombs used in the 2008 Georgian-Russian military conflict. Many of the Georgians, including […]

Would Joe Biden Blow Your Child’s Foot Off? Only If He’s Ordered To

Who can forget Princess Diana’s visit to Angola and Bosnia in 1997 to walk through areas of mines and to engage with the victims of the explosives? Just days after her untimely death, the United Nations Mine Ban Treaty was signed by 164 countries. Today, Lady Diana’s visit is still talked about in Angola. But […]
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Arresting Priests & Concocted Rift in Orthodox Church –Greatest Victim of the Ukraine Conflict!

Arresting priests, especially based on the orders of someone claiming to be Jewish, is not a wise decision. Ukrainian leaders, including Zelensky, have accused the long-established Ukrainian Orthodox Church of undermining “Ukrainian unity,” although it’s unclear what exactly that means. Religion is being weaponized in Ukraine, a phenomenon that has occurred throughout history in both […]

Guns 4-Hire: American and Western Business Model 4-Wars of Choice and Dirty Tricks

The “Good Guys” come from those same countries that are screaming the loudest over the audacity of Russia for having used them themselves, and to add insult to injury, those are the same countries that developed this business model in the first place – even the Vatican with its long tradition of Swiss Guards, were […]

Blood Commodities: BlackRock’s Role in the Ukraine Carnage

Ukraine has become a symbol for all those who understand the war; there is money for blood. And there has been no negotiation to end hostilities because the money is and will continue to flow by the tanker load. Let’s briefly examine who stands to gain from the death of hundreds of thousands. BlackRock and […]
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Vilnius Summit: “A Stronger and Expanded NATO Makes for a More Dangerous World!”

As I was recently departing Batumi, Georgia, on the Black Sea, the announcement was made, “Please Passengers, the train is about ready to leave the station, so please leave the train”, in English. Of course, something was lost in translation. However, the same could be said about the status of Ukraine in the wake of […]

Is Sleepy Joe Biden Trying to Outdo Hitler and History?

History is the most interesting subject for many reasons. Not the least of which is the fact it tends to repeat itself. And the fact that some are doomed by ignorance of this is an important lesson for today. Take German tanks, for instance. First, let’s rehash a little history about the steppes of Russia […]
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CNN and US Government Pushing the Envelope – Obsolete F16s or F/A-18 Hornets won’t make an “Iota of Difference” in Ukraine!

“Only if” is the key phrase in what Ukraine is asking for next, in terms of planes, tanks, you name it – in spite of the cruel reality that they are far behind on the “technological treadmill” and technology transfer. The latest hand me down, often obsolete military hardware will not make an “iota of […]

Ukraine, Nazi Symbols—Media Disinformation, ALL Wrapped with “Dismal Failure”

I think Nazi symbols will be America’s official and unofficial excuse to walk away from Ukraine. It will be even deadlier, more political blowback; it will be like in Afghanistan but worse. The first stage, with the West growing sick and tired of the never-ending demands, and with little real results, is to cut back […]