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Great Reset, Pope Francis, Inclusive Capitalism & World Religion Contra Michael Lofton – Jay Dyer

We continue papacy with by concluding the 3 part geopolitics trilogy concerning the deep connections of the Vatican to the world powers: Great reset, inclusive capitalism, intelligence machinations and laundering via the Vatican Bank as well as how these entities are also behind the push for the emerging world religion foreshadowed at Assisi prayer meetings […]

Papalism! Rome’s Innovations – An Introduction to Denny’s Historical & Patristic Analysis

Today papacy week kicks off on my channel as we introduce the classic work by Edward Denny, Papalism, which was a response to Leo XIII’s famous Encyclical Satis Cognitum. Like Vatican 1, SC argues the V1 mindset was always the view of the entire church, even in the earliest days. Denny begins with the New […]

Trent Horn, Matt Fradd, TAG & The One & Many, Borgias, Energies & Created Grace – Jay Dyer

Open Forum! Time to discuss Triad, Logos, philosophy, logic & logoi, typology, atheism, and whatever your arguments and objections are! Today’s questions focused on one and many, Logos and energies, the Triad and uncreated grace, the papacy and Trent horn, matt fradd and more! Remember to boost that T naturally with 50% all products at […]

Trent Horn Refuted on Papalism: A Response to Trent’s Rebuttal – Jay Dyer

Trent Horn did a reply to one of my brief videos covering the 10 reasons Im not Roman Catholic. Many ignorant Roman Catholics, duped as usual by simplistic answers, hand-waving dismissals and ‘muh keyz’ appeals felt this was an adequate reply to my rundown video. However, many of the cut and paste arguments from Horn […]

How Vatican 1 Contradicts the Councils – Jay Dyer

 Tonight we will work through each of the canons of the councils that refutes the Vatican 1 dogma of papal supremacy.  If the papal dogma of Vatican 1 was the perennial view, it should not be contradicted by multiple canons in each council.  As Vatican 1 states: “For “no one can be in doubt, […]
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How Vatican 1 is the Key to Refuting Roman Catholicism – Jay Dyer (Half)

 Since it seems 95% of Roman Catholics have not read the actual documents of Vatican 1 to know precisely what the doctrine of papal infallibility is, we will cover the documents and the relevant encyclicals that expound them today. We will look at how this council is really the fundamental means to refuting papalism, […]

The Vatican, Natural Theology & The Denial of the Trinity – Open Forum Q n A / Debate Part 2

 Part 2 due to stream issues. Today we will have open forum Q n A and debate concerning the Vatican support for the new “Abrahamic Faith Center” based on Francis’ joint statement with the Grand Imam, with the explicit acceptance of humanism. Having become primarily a geopolitical tool / NGO, the Vatican is now […]

DEBATE REVIEW: Trent Horn Vs Jay Dyer on Natural Theology – Fr Dcn, Orthodox Shahada, David

Today we will be reviewing the Trent Horn debate over natural theology. I will try to get to the other half of my note cards I didn’t get to explain as well as showing how the Trinity and the theophanic view of the natural order is precluded in Thomistic natural theology. We will go deeper […]

Matt Dillahunty Vs Trent Horn Debate Review & Reaction – Jay Dyer

 In preparation and celebration of our upcoming debate tomorrow night with Trent Horn, I will be reviewing and analyzing his debate with Matt Dillahunty on the question of the resurrection. Although this debate is not directly relevant to our debate tomorrow, it is tangentially related to Trent’s apologetic methodology. Although I have not seen […]