Four Billionaire Technocrats Are Creating An Alternate, Autocratic Reality

On your short-list for books this year: The End of Reality:How Four Billionaires are Selling a Fantasy Future of the Metaverse, Mars, and Crypto. Author Jonathan Taplin strikes the hammer to nail Technocracy and Transhumanism to the prime actors: Peter Thiel, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Marc Andreessen. These billionaires represent the tip of the spear. 

Nordangård: Transitioning to a New Global Order

At the genesis of modern globalization In 1973, the Trilateral Commission posited that "interdependence" of nations was inevitable, and then pushed it everywhere. Now, the same cabal says that nation states are unable to cope with the interconnected global problems on their own; hence, nobody except the United Nations can head global governance. 

Former European Politician And Diplomat Blasts Technocracy And Transhumanism

An enclave of resistance in eastern Europe is gaining traction with a major conference in September. My three books on Technocracy and Transhumanism have emerged at the center of the resistance, and I have been invited to make a presentation. Technocracy and Transhumanism are anti-human and anti-civilizational and are waging a winner-takes-all battle against the entire planet. This is the clear and present danger we face.

Transhumanism & Technocracy are Evil Twins, Says Expert Patrick Wood

International journalist Alex Newman recently interviewed author Patrick Wood and the video is definitely worth watching. Transhumanism and its exposé may be the main topic of the 2024 election cycle, thanks in part to the Democrat candidacy of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. who is outspoken about Big Pharma and the biodefense industry.