Thomas Neuburger

Notes on a World Without Trump

by Thomas NeuburgerI’m working on a book-length project that includes a look at our soon-to-be post-Trump world. These are preliminary notes for that part of the project.1. The World Without Trump won’t be a world without Trump. (For the exception, see below.) Trump will not go away. He'll persist as a pest that’s driven from the desk but not from the room he’s in.

Amy Coney Barrett, Liar and Climate Denier, Disqualifies Herself for Any Position Involving Factual Evaluation

 by Thomas NeuburgerIt couldn't be more simple. When Notre Dame Law professor and Trump Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett was asked at her Senate hearing about climate change (one of the few times senators questioned her on this subject), she had this to say:“I don’t think I am competent to opine on what causes global warming or not.”Every human on the planet is "competent to opine" on what causes global warming.

Chamber of Commerce Quietly Supports a United Government Led by Democrats

Saagar Enjeti explains the importance of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's quiet decision to back Democratic candidates by Thomas NeuburgerOne of the more underappreciated pieces of news in a week that exploded with news — leak of Trump's taxes, the presidential debate, the presidential disease — was this, that a long-time strategist for the U.S.