Top 10 Questions About Orthodox Christianity! – Jay & Jamie

 Jamie joins me to raise the top 10 questions she and many other had and have as Protestants looking in. Although these questions aren’t exclusive to Protestants, they are the top 10 most Protestants and evangelicals raise. We cover St. Mary the Theotokos, traditions of men, the Eucharist, councils and more! Be sure to […]
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Top 5 DIFFERENCES: Roman Catholicism Vs Orthodoxy

Is it all about the papacy? No! The top differences definitely include the issue of the papacy, but there are more fundamental doctrinal and dogmatic issues that come before the Roman Pontiff. In fact, the Vatican I doctrine really is based on mistakes relating to the Trinity and the Holy Spirit (Filioque), which conditions the […]
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Genesis Vs Atheism & Paganism – Introduction to Theology – Jay Dyer (Half)

7 days of creation and Genesis 1 must be myths, right? Merely Carl Jung style “archetypes”? Isn’t the Bible just like all the other ancient near eastern religions? Didn’t monotheism evolve from polytheism? No, no, and no to all. No. In this talk we set our view over against the incoherent meaninglessness of modernity and scientism and paganism – all made foolish in Genesis itself. Hour 2 is available for subscribers to JaysAnalysis at the PayPal links.
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Introduction to Orthodox Philosophy: The Icon Documentary

I am often asked for a basic approach to my philosophy and worldview: Given our immersion in an image-dominated culture which is rapidly moving away from the necessary skills of reading and comprehension, the irony of the loss of literacy will likely lead to something akin to older iconographic importance for mass audiences.  We already see this trend with the popularity of Instagram and memes – another version of pale attempts at icons.