Art is Prophetic: Theopoetica – Jay Dyer / MichaeI Witc0ff

 MichaeI Witcoff rejoins me to discuss how new book covering Orthodox poetics. The book is called Theopoetica and features poems and commentary recalling St. Ephrem the Syrian. We will also touch on aesthetics and art in general.  His book is here. Subscribe to JaysAnalysis in the Purchase Membership section to access the archives of videos […]

A New Order: A Globalized Encyclical Following Pachamama – Part 1- Jay Dyer / Snek

Snek joins me to cover the sobering facts concerning the new papal encyclical, Fratelli Tutti of Pope Francis which sent shockwaves throughout the Roman Catholic world.  Was it somehow salvageable or was it the next logical stage after Vatican 2 and pacha mama?  Snek and I will deconstruct the work as well as the utterly […]

Apostate Prophet Vs. Jay Dyer – Does God Exist? Problem of Evil?

 Former Muslim turned atheist skeptic Apostate Prophet asked me to join him to have a cordial exchange on the issue of God’s existence, Theistic arguments and proofs, TAG, logic and the problem evil and theodicy.  We had a great exchange and kept it civil, while also being heated!  You can find his channel here. […]
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Top 10 Bad Arguments for Protestantism’s ‘Bible Alone’ / Debate Review – Fr Dcn, Jay Dyer, Lewis

 Fr Dcn, Praxis, Qai, Greedo and others join me to cover the recent debate Fr Dcn Ananias had with Protestant apologist Matt Slick.  We will cover Matt’s claims and approach, our analysis of the debate and the presuppositions of authority in Orthodoxy versus the lack of normative authority in Protestantism.   Following the review, […]

The D33p State Narrative Of Russia Gate Finally Unravels – Jay Dyer on lnfowarz

Today I host the final hour of the hAlex J0nes Show and cover yet another nail in the coffin for the russiagate concoction, particularly by  putting it in its wider context.  We cover color revolutions as a result of the close of the Cold War, the application of that color revolution model being applied to […]

Was Vatican 2 Infallible? Are Catholics Imploding?

 Today I will cover the popular mythologies surrounding Vatican 2 and its status, contrasted with previous Catholic “dogma” and teaching.  Was it infallible?  Does the individual Catholic have the right to “judge” the rulings and the Roman See?   Do fallible Catholic theologians tell us ultimately when and where Vatican II was “infallible”?  What […]
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The Role of the Church Fathers: Replying to Bishop Barron – Jay Dyer / Snek

 Snek joins me to cover a key point in regard to contrasting the Second Vatican Council’s attempt to integrate the “eastern” and “patristic” insights and attitudes so the “church” can “breathe with both lungs.”  Of course, the Orthodox Church never lost the patristic mind and never had a need to “return” to a period […]
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The Reformation Refuted: An Orthodox Critique of Reformed Theology – Jay / COTEL

“In this stream I am joined by the man, the myth, the legend Jay Dyer to deconstruct Reformed Protestant Theology from an Eastern Orthodox paradigm and perspective. Make sure to check it out and let me know what you think. If you enjoy this production, feel compelled, or appreciate my other videos, please support me through my website ( or donate directly by PayPal. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated. ”