Empty Man (2020), Tibetan Book of the Dead & More! (Half)

 I happened to watch a film related to Tibetan Buddhism without realizing it, as I have been reading the Leary version of the Tibetan Book of the Dead we mentioned with COTEL.  After watching the film, I noticed several relevant patterns of ego death, “enlightenment,” the LSD journey and the death journey, manifestation of […]
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Luciferian Cults – Illuminate Confirm – Jamie Hanshaw (Half)

Jamie joins me to discuss the works of Kerth Barker, as we examine the nature of modern Luciferian movements behind the UN and worse.  In fact, the claims of Barker extend to predicting years ago the inversion we see nowadays, including kannibalism.  We cover the notion of the left hand all the way to the 8mm level stuff, if you think of the Nic Cage film.


Amazing Prophecies of Hosea: Baal Sex Cults & The Messiah – Jay Dyer (Half)

Hosea begins the Minor Prophets in the Orthodox Study Bible, and is often overlooked. However, Hosea is cited numerous times by Christ and St. Paul as being fulfilled in multiple aspects with the arrival of the Messiah and the Church, the Kingdom of God. For the full talk, subscribe at JaysAnalysis.com at the membership links.
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Tommy Robinson Arrested – Call-Ins – WeWuzKangz Debate – Warski Live – Jay Dyer

Andy and Jay cover the arrest of Tommy Robinson in the UK, followed by the lat appearance of YouTuber and We Wuz Kangz proponent ‘Raidio1,’ who holds his ground and doubles down in the debate. Archaeology and genetics, pyramids and temples, this debate has it all, with Jay donning the Bob Ross afro for the entire debate. Truly comedy gold.
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