Files Expose Syrian ‘Revolution’ as Western Regime Change Operation

In light of renewed protests in Syria, Kit Klarenberg examines files from the Central Crisis Management Cell. Dubbed "The Assad Files" by mainstream media, the files reveal intricate planning and management of Syria's 2011 'revolution' by Western powers.
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“US has committed crimes against humanity and genocide in Syria” interview with Scott Bennett

Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator   The US military occupation of the oil fields in north east Syria came under attack recently, and there were some who said it could foreshadow a US military withdrawal.  However, the violence ceased, and the US supported Kurdish separatists are continuing to hide under the Pentagon’s wings. The […]

US project to split Syria up is entering a new phase in Suwayda

Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator Thousands of Druze in Suwayda, in the southwest of Syria near Jordan, have been protesting inflation and economic woes facing all of Syria because of US-EU sanctions, and the economic collapse after the long armed conflict. But, recently, they are calling for regime change, and the US is supporting […]

Syria and China: a New Pole in the Middle East

Peter Koenig – PressTV Interview – transcript 21 September 2023 Background Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is in China on his first visit since the war and foreign-backed insurgency gripped his country some 12 years ago. President al-Assad arrived in the eastern city of Hangzhou where he will attend the opening ceremony of the Asian Games […]

Might Syria Become a Gateway of the New Silk Road with Assad-Xi Summit?

This week, President Bashar al Assad will be visiting Beijing on the direct invitation of President Xi Jinping and will be accompanied by a large economic delegation where the discussion of Syrian re-construction and integration into the Belt and Road initiative will be high on the agenda. Ever since President Bashar al-Assad first announced the Read More...

UK intelligence spun 2013 Syria chemical attack, leaked docs show

US officials suppressed internal assessments that Al Qaeda’s Syrian wing had an “advanced” sarin production cell even as the US publicly blamed the Assad government for a 2013 chemical weapons attack, a report reveals. Leaked documents obtained by The Grayzone show a shadowy British intelligence contractor helped sell the story that Assad was responsible – and nearly triggered Western intervention. On September 13, Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh published a US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) appraisal detailing the chemical […]

Documentary: “Crimes Against Syria”

[The below is not my own documentry, lthough I do feature in it.] RELATED LINKS: -Video: Eva Bartlett on “The silenced voices of the Syrian people” (included in the documentary) -My Syria Youtube playlist (videos also on my Odysee) –SYRIA: My Published Articles From and on Syria (2014-2023)   –The Terrorism We Support in Syria: A… Read More Documentary: “Crimes Against Syria”

Israel Wants Conflict In Syria’s Suwayda To Re-Kindle Devastating War

On August 20, protests erupted in the Druze-majority Syrian city of Suwayda over a decision from the Damascus government to cut subsidies for basic items such as fuel. As strike action continues, along with popular non-violent protests, fears again emerge that the situation could quickly turn violent and that the Syrian war could once again Read More...

Kurds battle with Arab tribes in eastern Syria

Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator A power struggle in the eastern Syrian desert might end with the US withdrawal from Syria, as the occupation allies battle each other for power and lucrative energy resources. On August 27, Ahmed al-Khubail, the commander of the Deir ez-Zor Military Council (DZMC), was lured to Hasakah by the […]