The Last of our Human Freedoms – Covid-1984 meets the Brave New Normal

Greg Maybury “A great majority of the population looks on with complete indifference as the medical papacy assumes ever greater proportion, worming its way into the most diverse fields — for instance, intervening extensively in children’s education, in school life, and staking a claim here to a certain form of therapy.” Rudolf Steiner, 1924 “The last …

Australia is going full Fascist …but resistance is growing

Kit Knightly Covid19 has been used as an excuse to increase government control of pretty much everything, pretty much everywhere. It is, without question, the greatest campaign to seize power, and greatest assault on personal freedom, of my lifetime. With countries seemingly in a contest to outdo each other’s clampdowns, lockdowns, quarantines and surveillance programs. …

WATCH: 60 Minutes Reporters Jailed for Violent Kidnapping Caught on Camera, Ditched Ethics to Pursue Story Illegally

Four Australian 60 Minutes reporters attempted a violent street kidnapping which was caught on camera, and have landed in a Lebanese jail facing serious charges.
It’s an epic journalism ethics failure that might leave an Aussie news crew in Lebanese prison for years to come.
Hubris is the culprit.
The Aussie 60 Minutes TV crew wanted to help 29-year old flight attendant Sally Faulkner to bring her two children Lahala, six, and Noah four, back to Australia from Lebanon