Fair Trade Is Still a Fraud

American Institute for Economic Research, October 20, 2021 Fair Trade Is Still a Fraud James Bovard The Biden administration is embracing the same flawed “fair trade” mantra that previous administrations used to sanctify protectionist policies. Biden’s team has “largely dispensed with the idea of free trade as a goal in and of itself,” the New […]
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Captives of Coca-Cola

In July 2018 the attention of The New York Times and then Esquire magazine was somehow drawn to a mountain town in southern Mexico and the truly remarkable amount of Coca-Cola drunk by its residents. The British Broadcasting Corporation has produced a documentary on the same topic. The town is San Cristobal, in the Central Highlands of Chiapas, […]
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Political Economy vs. Federal Fairy Tales

American Institute for Economic Research, March 29, 2021 Political Economy vs. Federal Fairy Tales by James Bovard “Build Back Better” is the motto for President Biden’s ambitious plans to remake much of the American economy and society. On Wednesday in Pittsburgh, Biden will reveal his plans for trillions of dollars of new spending for infrastructure […]
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Study: Consuming This Kind of Drink is Shortening Your Life

There are many “secrets” to leading a long and healthy life (though they aren’t really secrets). One of them – which I’m sure you’ve heard time and time again – is to limit sugar intake (especially added sugars). One of the best ways to do that is to cut down on sugary, health-hazardous beverages.
According to numerous pieces of research, any sugar-sweetened drink can cut years off of your life, including sports drinks, fruit drinks, and energy drinks. Just because there is a picture of fruit on the label doesn’t mean it’s safe for consumption.

Irrefutable Evidence that Sugar Causes and Fuels Cancer

If you remain unconvinced that sugar causes and fuels cancer, perhaps the findings of a 9-year joint research project will change your mind. In the study, scientists were able to clarify how the Warburg effect – “a phenomenon in which cancer cells rapidly break down sugars” – stimulates the growth of tumors. [1]
The authors launched the study in 2008 with intent on examining how tumors convert significantly larger amounts of sugar into lactate compared to healthy tissues.

E-mails Show Coca-Cola Tried to Influence CDC Health Officials

The 2 most important keys to a healthy lifestyle are diet and exercise. But Coca-Cola desperately wants people to believe that diet isn’t as important as exercise, which isn’t much of a surprise, considering the products the company makes. But what you may not know is that Coca-Cola is willing to sink to low levels in order to deceive the public in order to sell more products.

Starbucks is Making Lower-Sugar Frappuccinos, But…

Every year, Starbucks takes flack for the mountains of sugar it puts in its Frappuccino drinks. As more people start to understand how health-damaging sugar can really be, they’re making the decision to reduce total sugar consumption. In response to this awakening, Starbucks is testing lower-sugar Frappuccinos, but don’t too excited – they’re still swimming in the sweet stuff.

Baltimore Bans Sugary Drinks from Children’s Menus

Baltimore has banned sugary drinks from children’s menus, becoming the first major U.S. city to do so.
The measure is intended to promote healthy eating habits among children and their families by making water, milk, and 100% fruit juices the default beverages on kids’ menus. The change went into effect on July 18, 2018.
Though while the drinks aren’t listed on the menus, parents do still have the option of ordering sodas and other sugary drinks for their kids.