Subjugation - Torture

50 injured as NATO troops clash with Serb demonstrators

RT | May 29, 2023 NATO forces attacked a group of demonstrators in the majority-Serb town of Zvecan in Kosovo, RT Balkan reported on Monday. Stun grenades and tear gas were deployed, and around 50 people were injured. Serb demonstrators staged a sit-down protest outside municipal buildings in Zvecan, Zubin Potok and Leposavic on Monday […]

Lawyers: Nouri’s solitary confinement ‘world record’, jail treatment ‘heinous’

Hamid Nouri, a former Iranian judiciary official, at an appeals court hearing in Sweden. (File photo by Mizan) Press TV – May 20, 2023 Lawyers of Iranian national Hamid Nouri, who has been illegally detained in Sweden for more than three years, have criticized his trial process and the way he is being treated in […]

Ongoing Fascist Repression in Pakistan

By Junaid S. Ahmad | Global Research | May 18, 2023 Confirmed and corroborated by at least two dozen of my former students both inside Pakistan’s military-intelligence apparatus as well as those protesting it. This is the face of fascism, the culmination of a year-long Washington-backed regime change operation against former prime minister Imran Khan. […]

Vice President of Imran Khan’s Opposition Party Arrested in Pakistan

Sputnik – 10.05.2023 Fawad Chaudhry, the vice president of the opposition Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party in Pakistan, has been arrested from outside the Supreme Court premises, Pakistani media reported on Wednesday. Chaudhry was arrested late Wednesday night after he came out of the apex court premises after having spent over 12 hours inside the Supreme Court […]

Israel jails former Jerusalem minister under administrative detention order

The former Palestinian minister of Jerusalem affairs on 26 September 2011 [Mahfouz Abu Turk/Apaimages] MEMO | May 9, 2023 The Israeli occupation authorities jailed former Jerusalem Minister Khaled Abu Arafa for four months on Monday under an administrative detention order. The order was imposed a week after he was kidnapped by Israeli occupation forces from […]

Israeli soldier filmed assaulting Palestinian activist in occupied West Bank

This screengrab shows an Israeli soldier assaulting Palestinian activist Issa Amro on February 13, 2023. Press TV – February 14, 2023 An Israeli soldier has been filmed assaulting a prominent Palestinian human rights activist in front of a famous American journalist in the occupied West Bank city of al-Khalil. In a video posted on Twitter […]

Israel ready to bomb Iranian aid deliveries to Syria: Report

The Cradle | February 10, 2023 An unnamed Israeli military official told Saudi Arabia’s Elaph newspaper on 9 February that Tel Aviv will not hesitate to bomb Iranian aid deliveries for disaster-struck Syria under claims that Tehran seeks to “take advantage of the tragic situation … to send weapons and equipment to Hezbollah.” The anonymous official […]

Goodbye empire? US sanctions are failing in the face of multipolarity

By Felix Livshitz | RT | January 25, 2023 Foreign Affairs, a highly influential US magazine – effectively a US empire house journal – has published an article detailing how sanctions are quickly losing their efficiency as a weapon in Washington’s global arsenal. Published by the Council on Foreign Relations NGO, Foreign Affairs provides space for officials […]