Dialectics of Manipulation: Espionage in Man Nobody Knew, Courier & Spy Who Came in From the Cold

In this new dialectics analysis we will cover more Cold War themed films and a documentary that was brought to my attention about William Colby: The Man Nobody Knew, produced by his son. Colby was a traditional Catholic Cold Warrior and headed up the Phoenix Program. We will analyze the documentary in light of Wemhoff’s […]

Occult Spies: The Untold Story of A Dark Marriage (Partial Talk) Jay Dyer

This is an introduction to a longer lecture that will be available for subscribers to my site or on my R0kfin channel. We will delve deep into the unknown and largely unexplored relationship between the world of espionage and that of the occult: From cult leaders and mind control to films and novels exploring this […]

New York Times and CIA push ridiculous Putin ‘missing spy’ story (Video)

The CIA and The New York times have teamed up to produce a gem of fake news.
The NYT is reporting that Kremlin sources working for the CIA have suddenly ‘gone quiet’ out of fear that they will face the same ‘Novichok’ fate as Sergei Skripal. The lack of ‘intelligence’ from the deeply embedded CIA sources within the Kremlin have left US intelligence is ‘in the dark’ about Russian intentions towards the November midterm elections.

The fake news surrounding the Maria Butina story (Video)

Maria Butina has not been charged with being a Russian spy.
She communicated with her colleagues, mentors, friends, and family via Instagram, Twitter and email…very unusual communication patterns for a trained Kremlin spy.
Maria loved guns and loved the United States.
Irregardless of the logical conclusion that this was no spy (far from it, she was an ambitious Russian girl trying to make her way in America) mainstream media, left and right, continues to report that Maria Butina was a Russian red sparrow.

Trump Campaign Official Finds Evidence of a Second FBI Agent Spy

Former Trump campaign official Michael Caputo and Roger Stone were approached in 2016 by Henry Greenburg who presented as a Russian and offered to sell dirt on Hillary Clinton for $2 million. Caputo investigated him and discovered that Greenburg had been an FBI informant for 17 years, and was likely spying for the Obama administration when he made his offer for dirt on Clinton. [...]