Soviet Union

The Explosive Growth of U.S. Militarism after the End of the Soviet Union

Instead of there being the U.S.-Government-promised ‘peace dividend’ after the Soviet Union ended in 1991, there has been soaring militarism by the U.S., and also soaring profits for the American producers of war-weapons. Both the profits on this, and the escalation in America’s aggressiveness following after 1991, have been stunning. Whereas there were 53 “Instances […]

Ted Hall Deserves a Nobel Peace Prize For Helping to Prevent a Nuclear Holocaust in the 1950s

Ted Hall Helped the Soviet Union to Counterbalance the U.S. Monopoly on Atomic Weaponry After World War II, Which Acted as a Deterrent Against Aggressive U.S. War Plans Dave Lindorff initiated the documentary film A Compassionate Spy, following a correspondence with Ted Hall’s 87-year-old widow, Joan Hall. Lindorff had written an article in 2017 proposing […]

What If Nazi Germany Won in Ukraine

«Those who are now destroying the cemeteries of the Soviet soldiers will still pay for doing so. Nature will take revenge on them and their children although they may not believe this now. No one can cancel the law of historical karma. This law always catches up to the grave robbers.» -Oles Buzina Notes on … Continue reading What If Nazi Germany Won in Ukraine

Conservatives and Communists of the World, Unite!

Cosmopolitan — ‘world politics’, ‘world citizen’ — people of many races under a world empire. The word became a meme in the 1890s as British empire blossomed, supposedly the world now united around principles of the free market. Sounds cool. The market is the proven way to run economies. It is neutral, no favorites, harsh […]

JFK’s World Peace Speech and National Security State Takedowns of US Presidents  

President Kennedy’s World Peace speech on June 10, 1963,where he championed nuclear disarmament and lasting peace with the Soviet Union, is given renewed attention with a Kennedy now running for president and by the present war with Russia. JFK supposedly underwent a transformation after the near mutual nuclear annihilation with the Soviet Union during the […]

JAPAN’S RASPUTIN: an Imperial Officer and Spy Who Claimed to Eat His Enemies’ Flesh

In my newest video, I discuss the insane story of Masanobu Tsuji, a colonel in the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II, an alleged war criminal, a postwar politician, and a spy for a number of countries. I’ve never researched a subject in English, Russian, and Japanese (mine is at an intermediate level thus … Continue reading JAPAN’S RASPUTIN: an Imperial Officer and Spy Who Claimed to Eat His Enemies’ Flesh

The Bolshevik Color Revolution of 1917 and Prighozin’s 2023 Gambit: Trotsky, Russell, and the War on Civilization

Amidst this week’s strange attempt to instigate a military coup from the head of Russia’s Wagner Group, President Putin took a loud stand calling out the operation as a foreign directed insurgency with parallels drawn from the chaotic revolution of 1917. Just as in 1917, the nation was at war with an enemy on the […]