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Can An American Scientist Who Smuggled Critical Nuclear Secrets to the Russians After World War II Be Considered a “Good Guy”? New Film Says Yes.

Controversial New Documentary Reveals How A Teenage Army Physicist Named Ted Hall Saved The Russian People From A Treacherous U.S. Sneak Attack In 1950-51—And May Well Have Prevented A Global Nuclear Holocaust The provocative documentary “A Compassionate Spy” tells the amazing but almost unknown story of a “near-genius” 16 year-old Harvard junior physics major who […]

Ukrainian Nationalists Have Long History of Anti-Semitism which the Soviet Union Tried to Combat

While Ivy League professors equate the Soviet Union with Nazi Germany, the Soviets fought the Nazis and ended violent anti-Jewish pogroms—which now threaten to return. The July 21, 2022, issue of London Review of Books published an essay by Abigail Green reviewing Jeffrey Veidlinger’s books In the Midst of Civilised Europe: The Pogroms of 1918-21 […]

Chris Hedges: Russia, Ukraine and the Chronicle of a War Foretold

After the fall of the Soviet Union, there was a near-universal understanding among political leaders that NATO expansion would be a foolish provocation against Russia. How naive we were to think the military-industrial complex would allow such sanity to prevail.
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D.C.’s “Best Information Available” Charade

American Institute for Economic Research, February 19, 2022 D.C.’s “Best Information Available” Charade James Bovard On a sweltering June morning in 1993, I loitered in a long line of people stretched down a football-field length hallway on the third floor of the headquarters of the US Commerce Department. The queue started outside the entrance of […]
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