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South Africa Puts Canada to Shame Regarding Palestine

Like Canada, South Africa is a former British colony and settler state. But the divide between these two countries regarding the world’s most aggressive ongoing European colonialism is stark. While Pretoria assists Palestinians by advocating the boycott of a cultural event, Canadians subsidize huge private donations to a wealthy apartheid state. On November 13 the […]

“The Omicron Variant” – Magic pills, or solving the Africa problem?

Kit Knightly Audio Version New Feature! Yesterday the WHO labelled the sars-cov-2 variant B.1.1.529 as a “variant of concern” and officially named it “Omicron”. This was as entirely predictable as it is completely meaningless. The “variants” are just tools to stretch the story out and keep people on their toes. If you want to know …

Are We Overreacting to Omicron?

BY PAUL ELIAS ALEXANDER | BROWNSTONE INSTITUTE | NOVEMBER 26, 2021 With natural exposure immunity and early outpatient treatment and when combined with no reports of increased lethality, the WHO’s reaction of generating panic toward “Omicron” is causing needless fear and panic. So too with the Biden administration’s newly imposed travel restrictions, which will achieve […]

FW de Klerk: A Negotiator before Defeat

Rarely is the pragmatist admired.  Be it in policy or politics, such a figure induces suspicion, a concern that principles will have to be subordinated to broader goals.  True dreamers and visionaries, for all their glaring faults, can take the accolades; the pragmatists can be given lower pegging. These differences have proven stark with the […]
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The Majority Have Rejected the ANC

Only around a quarter of people eligible to vote chose to cast their votes for the ANC in the recent election. The mass stay away from the polls is a mass rejection of the ANC, along with the DA and the EFF which could not attract the support of significant numbers of former ANC voters. […]
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Amazon’s Drive Into Africa

Since 2004, Amazon has been building a foothold on the African continent.  In Cape Town, it already employs thousands in a global call centre and a range of data hubs.  Its South African career portal is a busy place, with the vast majority of advertised jobs located in Cape Town.  In April, as part of […]
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Palestine’s Africa Dichotomy: Is Israel Really ‘Winning’ Africa?  

The decision by the African Union Commission, on July 22, to grant Israel observer status membership in the AU was the culmination of years of relentless Israeli efforts aimed at co-opting Africa’s largest political institution. Why is Israel so keen on penetrating Africa? What made African countries finally succumb to Israeli pressure and lobbying? To […]

We are Dying for Food

On Thursday last week (29 July), Zamekile Shangase, a 33-year-old woman from Asiyindawo in Lamontville, was shot and killed outside her home by the police. Zamekile was the mother of two children aged 6 and 11. She was elected to a position on the local Abahlali council in 2018 and served on the council for […]
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A Zulu Chief Reminisces

The madness that swept America’s great cities in the wake of the death of George Floyd has been estimated to have caused around two billion dollars in damage to property. The loss of life and the hundreds of people injured cannot be valued in mere dollars. Similar outrages have recently occurred in South Africa, albeit […]

South Africa Descends into Chaos – What is Really Happening?

source These riots are not because of poverty or politics – they are due to a complete and utter collapse of morality in the nation. You can follow Ian Cameron and his work at: Support my work & join my member livestreams!  BROADCAST Dr. Peter Hammond And Mallificus Scott – The Real Story Of […]