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Aletho News - 2016-05-08 - Original post - cached version

Samidoun | May 8, 2016 Events and actions are being organized around the world to mark the 68th anniversary of the Nakba, the expulsion of the Palestinian people from their homes and lands in order to create a Zionist settler-colonial state on the land of Palestine. These events both remember...

Aletho News - 2016-05-07 - Original post - cached version

Review of Dr Abu Sitta’s Mapping My Return: A Palestinian Memoir By Vacy Vlazna | Dissident Voice | May 5, 2016 I spent the rest of my life on a long, winding journey of return, a journey that has taken me to dozens of counties over decades of travel, and turned my black hair to […]

Aletho News - 2016-05-05 - Original post - cached version

Sputnik – 05.05.2016 Residents and local administration officials in the northern Syrian town of Al-Hasakah rallied on Wednesday to protest against the illegal presence of 150 US troops in the Kurdish-controlled town of Rumeilan, Syrian SANA news agency reported. “We are categorically against...

Aletho News - 2016-05-05 - Original post - cached version

By James Petras :: 05.04.2016 Prologue: In 2004 I wrote Brazil and Lula: Year Zero (Edifurb: Blumenau, Sao Paolo 2005), in which I presented my analysis of the Lula-Workers Party (PT) regime in Brazil undergoing a Grand Transformation with the first stage represented by the PT’s incorporation...

Aletho News - 2016-05-05 - Original post - cached version

By Edward Hasbrouck | The Practical Nomad | May 3, 2016 We won — and now, thirty years later, the government has finally admitted it. It’s not often that government officials admit to failure in the face of popular resistance. When they do, it’s an occasion for celebration. Draft registration...

Aletho News - 2016-05-03 - Original post - cached version

International Solidarity Movement | May 1, 2016  Hebron, Occupied Palestine – On the morning of the 24th of March around 8:30 am two Palestinian youths, Ramzi Aziz al-Qasrawi, 21, and Abed al-Fattah Yusri al-Sharif, also 21, were shot to death by Israeli forces after an alleged stabbing attempt...

Aletho News - 2016-05-02 - Original post - cached version

Sputnik – 02.05.2016 ODESSA — Eight foreign reporters were prohibited from entering the southern Ukrainian city of Odessa to cover the events commemorating the second anniversary of the massacre in the city, a lawyer representing one of the people accused of involvement in the deadly events said...

Aletho News - 2016-05-02 - Original post - cached version

The BRICS Post | May 2, 2016 Even as May Day protests were expected in cities across the world on Sunday, as economic crises and a rise in unemployment have fuelled anti-government sentiment, Brazil saw some radically different scenes. Hundreds of thousands of people marched in Brazil’s main...

Aletho News - 2016-04-26 - Original post - cached version

RT | April 25, 2016 The United Auto Workers (UAW) union at the University of California has been fighting to uphold a resolution passed to support the BDS movement against Israel. Its struggle has inspired other university unions to pass their own resolutions. The UAW Local 2865, which includes...

Aletho News - 2016-04-24 - Original post - cached version

Ma’an – April 24, 2016 A graduate student union at New York University on Friday voted in favor of joining the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement against Israeli violations of Palestinian human rights. Two-thirds of the Graduate Student Organizing Committee cast a vote in support of the...

Aletho News - 2016-04-22 - Original post - cached version

teleSUR | April 21, 2016 Latin America far surpasses any region in sending humanitarian aid and rescue experts to Ecuador for earthquake relief, with Venezuela sending almost a third of all rescue specialists and Palestine sending 19—19 more than the United States. Palestine is the only country...

Aletho News - 2016-04-21 - Original post - cached version

Urge Congress to support H.R. 4523 End draft registration — Don’t extend it to women. Abolish the Selective Service System. End contingency planning for a draft of health care workers. Restore Federal student aid for people who didn’t register for the draft. This year, Congress is having its...

Aletho News - 2016-04-21 - Original post - cached version

By David Swanson | February 10, 2016 U.S. military recruiters are teaching in public school classrooms, making presentations at school career days, coordinating with JROTC units in high schools and middle schools, volunteering as sports coaches and tutors and lunch buddies in high, middle, and...

Aletho News - 2016-04-20 - Original post - cached version

US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation | April 19, 2016 On Tuesday, Tax Day, activists delivered a petition with more than 5,000 signatures to IRS offices across the United States demanding the tax-exempt status of the Jewish National Fund (JNF) be revoked due to its role in displacing...

Aletho News - 2016-04-18 - Original post - cached version

By Ken STONE | Oriental Review | April 18, 2016 Tuesday’s Syrian election was a vote of confidence by the Syrian people in their government. 5,085,444 voters cast their ballots out of a possible 8,834,994 eligible voters. The overall participation rate of 58% (virtually identical to Canada’s...

Aletho News - 2016-04-15 - Original post - cached version

RT | April 15, 2016 Eight activists standing trial for disrupting the world’s biggest arms fair, held in London last September, have been found not guilty. The court ruled they were acting to prevent a greater crime, according to an anti-arms trade group. In his ruling, the judge said there was...

Aletho News - 2016-04-14 - Original post - cached version

Palestinian Refugee: Stanford students censored me over condemnation of Israel Free Palestine Movement | April 11, 2016 In an interview, Amena El-Ashkar, a Palestinian refugee from Lebanon, states that she refused to speak at Stanford University after students told her she could not express her...

Aletho News - 2016-04-12 - Original post - cached version

Ma’an – April 12, 2016 HEBRON – Activists called for a boycott campaign against Dutch international courier company TNT Express after its staff reportedly refused to deliver parcels to Palestinian recipients, allegations the company denied. Boycott campaign co-organizer Suhaib Zahdah told Ma’an...

Aletho News - 2016-04-11 - Original post - cached version

RT | April 11, 2016 Eight activists are standing trial at Stratford Magistrates Court for disrupting the world’s biggest arms fair, held in London, where deadly merchandise was marketed to repressive regimes such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Azerbaijan. The campaigners blocked the road leading...

Aletho News - 2016-04-11 - Original post - cached version

International Solidarity Movement | April 10, 2016 Jerusalem, Occupied Palestine – The 10th of April is the last day of the demolition order on the home of the Totanji family. The family lives in the Sawaneh district in Wadi al-Joz, a village in East Jerusalem near the Old City, which Israel has...

Aletho News - 2016-04-10 - Original post - cached version

MEMO | April 10, 2016 The troubled director of one of the most prestigious university colleges in the world has become mired in controversy since it emerged that she invited the new Israeli ambassador in London for tea. Controversial Mark Regev had been in the job less than two days when he sent...

Aletho News - 2016-04-10 - Original post - cached version

BDS France Toulouse, Coup Pour Coup 31, NPA31, Collectif Palestine Libre As of March 2016, there are over 7,000 Palestinians, including more than 100 children, in Israeli prisons, in violation of international law which prohibits an occupying power to imprison in its territory the people of...

Aletho News - 2016-04-10 - Original post - cached version

RT | April 10, 2016 Israel’s Public Security Minister has linked the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement with terrorism and is threatening German banks using tactics previously employed against Al-Qaeda. Netanyahu-appointee Gilad Erdan has threatened to coerce German banks to...

Aletho News - 2016-04-09 - Original post - cached version

Protesters slam UK firm over profiting from Israeli war crimes Press TV – April 9, 2016 Scores of pro-Palestinian activists in the UK have demonstrated outside the headquarters of an arms manufacturing company, accusing it of benefiting from Israel’s deadly crackdown against Palestinians. The...

Aletho News - 2016-04-07 - Original post - cached version

samidoun – Palestinian Prisoners Solidarity Network On 17 April each year, Palestinian prisoners, the Palestinian people, and the world mark the International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian Prisoners. Commemorated since 1974, when the first Palestinian prisoner, Mahmoud Hijazi, was freed in...

Aletho News - 2016-04-07 - Original post - cached version

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford | April 6, 2016 Black Georgia Congressman Hank Johnson has written a letter that puts him in the cross-hairs of the Israel lobby – and he’s managed to bring eight other members of the House with him, including three colleagues from the Congressional...

Aletho News - 2016-04-04 - Original post - cached version

Palestinian Information Center | April 3, 2016 The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement has achieved another success after it managed to convince organizers of the Seoul Human Rights Film Festival to reject the participation of an Israeli film in the event. Organizers of the festival...

Aletho News - 2016-04-02 - Original post - cached version

PNN/Bethlehem – March 31, 2016 The U.S. National Lawyers Guild (NLG) on Wednesday submitted a regulatory challenge to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requesting an investigation into the charitable status of the Jewish National Fund (JNF) on grounds of discrimination and contravention of U.S...

Aletho News - 2016-04-01 - Original post - cached version

Palestinian Information Center – April 1, 2016 Palestinians commemorated the 40th anniversary of the Land Day on Wednesday, March 30 with various events. To understand the importance of that Day and why it is observed each year we should go back a little bit in history. In 1976, the Israeli...

Aletho News - 2016-03-30 - Original post - cached version

samidoun – Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network | March 30, 2016 30 March 2016 marks the 40th Land Day, a day of Palestinian struggle against settler colonialism and celebration of the connection of the Palestinian people to the land that continues despite expropriation and dispossession. The...

Aletho News - 2016-03-25 - Original post - cached version

teleSUR – March 2016 The G77 and China affirmed their solidarity with Venezuela after President Barack Obama renewed an executive order classifying Venezuela as a threat. The Group of 77 and China reiterated this week, “its rejection to the latest decision of the government of the United States...

Aletho News - 2016-03-25 - Original post - cached version

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov reaffirms his country’s friendship with Venezuela. | Photo: PSUV teleSUR – March 25, 2016 Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that his country has been closely following the situation in Venezuela and stressed that such is exacerbated by external...

Aletho News - 2016-03-22 - Original post - cached version

Senior Saudi cleric Ayatollah Hussein al-Radhi Press TV – March 22, 2016 The Saudi regime’s security forces have arrested a prominent Shia cleric over his anti-regime comments as Riyadh continues its crackdown on the minority sect. Media reports said on Tuesday that security forces arrested...

Aletho News - 2016-03-21 - Original post - cached version

To UN Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide and ICC Prosecutor: I am a concerned person of conscience, who fears that I am witnessing the genocide of the Palestinian people by the State of Israel. Witnessing Israel’s daily violations of Palestinian human rights- military take-over of...

Aletho News - 2016-03-20 - Original post - cached version

International Solidarity Movement | March 15, 2016 Bil’in, occupied Palestine – Rani Burnat is an extraordinary human being in more ways than one. He was left paralysed from an injury sustained during the second intifada, learned to live the remainder of his life in a wheelchair, fathered three...

Aletho News - 2016-03-17 - Original post - cached version

By Peter Lazenby – Morning Star – March 17, 2016 A Weekly vigil outside a military base by a 74-year-old peace campaigner has been put under threat by a police dispersal order. Lindis Percy, who stages a one-hour vigil at US communications base Menwith Hill in Yorkshire every Tuesday, told the...

Aletho News - 2016-03-12 - Original post - cached version

Author’s Note: An elaboration of the Israeli-imposed deprivations on the Palestinian population is presented in an extraordinary , data-driven web-site called “Visualizing Palestine”, which also formed the basis of a student presentation at Hamilton’s (ON, Canada) McMaster University....

Aletho News - 2016-03-11 - Original post - cached version

Israel’s Attempt to Put Up a ‘Firewall’ Around Itself… By Richard Edmondson | Fig Trees and Vineyards | March 10, 2016 We are approaching a pivotal time in America. With the aging of the older generation–that is to say those who grew up prior to the age of the Internet–the percentage of the...

Aletho News - 2016-03-10 - Original post - cached version

MEMO – March 10, 2016 British private security giant G4S has announced plans to sell its entire Israeli business within the next 12 to 24 months. The news has been welcomed by activists in the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign, for whom G4S has been a long-standing...

Aletho News - 2016-03-09 - Original post - cached version

IMEMC News & Agencies – March 9, 2016 Israeli forces, on Tuesday night, have kidnapped iconic activist against the apartheid wall and settlements, and mother of six, Manal Tamimi, aged 43, from her home in Al-Nabi Saleh village, near Ramallah. On International Women’s Day, 8th of March, at 1...

Aletho News - 2016-03-08 - Original post - cached version

empirestrikesblack – July 5, 2012 There are two kinds of people in this world. The first seeks knowledge, while the second seeks gratification. The first trembles with anger when injustice is done to others; the second is numb and unconcerned. The first recognises their duty to speak out, while...

Aletho News - 2016-03-05 - Original post - cached version

teleSUR | March 5, 2016 Cuba is known for sending medical personnel overseas as part of its medical brigade program which was launched during the 1959 Revolution. The Bolivian Health Ministry thanked Cuban doctors and the Cuban government Friday for the solidarity offered to their country as...

Aletho News - 2016-03-05 - Original post - cached version

Press TV – March 5, 2016 Fresh protests have broken out in Honduras during a mourning ceremony for an indigenous environmental activist who was recently shot dead after receiving numerous death threats. More than 1,000 people converged on Friday at the memorial service for renowned...

Aletho News - 2016-02-29 - Original post - cached version

Dr Daud Abdullah – MEMO – February 28, 2016 The 12th annual Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) has been a remarkable success, with more than 250 cities worldwide marking the week of solidarity with the Palestinian people. Although it doesn’t please everyone, those who criticise IAW activities were...

Aletho News - 2016-02-26 - Original post - cached version

RT | February 26, 2016 Thousands of anti-nuclear campaigners will march alongside Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in London on Saturday to protest the renewal of Britain’s nuclear deterrent. The Labour leader’s opposition to Trident has been sharply criticized by trade union bosses. The national...

Aletho News - 2016-02-25 - Original post - cached version

MEMO | February 25, 2016 Iran will pay $30,000 to every family whose home was demolished by the Israeli occupation forces during the ongoing Jerusalem Intifada and $7,000 for every family who’s lost a relative, the ambassador to Lebanon said yesterday. Mohammad Fateh Ali made the announcement in...

Aletho News - 2016-02-25 - Original post - cached version

By Aidan O’Brien | CounterPunch | February 25, 2016 Dublin – Exactly 100 years ago a bunch of no nonsense Irish nationalists took over Dublin’s General Post Office and changed the world. This Friday something similar might happen. On February 26 the Irish vote in a general election and one of...

Aletho News - 2016-02-24 - Original post - cached version

teleSUR – February 24, 2016 Argentine public sector workers will converge in front of the presidential palace Wednesday as part of a national strike to protest the policies of President Mauricio Macri. Macri has fired approximately 10,000 state workers since the beginning of 2016, with even more...

Aletho News - 2016-02-24 - Original post - cached version

RT | February 23, 2016 Canada has passed a motion to condemn “any and all attempts” to promote the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel both at home and abroad. The motion passed on Monday by a 229-51 vote, CIJ News reports. The bill was introduced by members of the...

Aletho News - 2016-02-23 - Original post - cached version

RT | February 23, 2016 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reportedly asked the UK government to have hundreds of posters protesting Israeli occupation of Palestine removed from the Tube. The Haaretz newspaper reported Tuesday that the Israeli prime minister himself had asked that the...


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