A Parliamentary Republic in Mongolia: Why Russia isn’t Losing Anything

In the last months of 2022 and now in the first decades of 2023, political and civil society discourse in Mongolia has resumed with calls for constitutional change. Calls for legislative change became especially loud when the largest corruption scandal in the country’s recent history was uncovered, involving the theft of coal from Mongolia’s strategic […]

The Arab world is shifting towards a policy of healthy aging

The world is currently experiencing an aging population, which will necessitate increased government spending in the coming decades to ensure an acceptable standard of living for older adults. As a result, officials and policymakers must adapt to shifting priorities by focusing on a comprehensive strategy for healthy aging. An in-depth examination of the Arab World Demographic […]

Georgia-Ukraine-Russia: “Rome vs. Orthodoxy?”

You would imagine the Russia-Ukraine conflict to be a political dispute. News coverage focuses on the political claims of both sides, and the military operations and economic and political sanctions resulting from these. But it is becoming ever more obvious that this is actually the Forth Crusade reborn. Under the radar, efforts are being made […]

To what extent will relations between Sweden and Turkey escalate?

The warnings by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan uttered during a meeting with the youth in Mugla on January 15 that relations between Turkey and Sweden could worsen if Stockholm did not take action against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) are becoming prophetic. As is known, in the summer of 2022, Turkey, Sweden and Finland […]

On the situation with refugees in the Republic of Korea

At the beginning of January 2023, several media outlets reported the wide-spreading news that Russian citizens who had had their refugee status rejected were stuck at Incheon Airport (Republic of Korea). And this case was not the only one, because under the guise of receiving this status, some with ill intentions were trying to enter […]

The Republic of Korea is taking over the world using the Covid-19 pandemic

South Korea found the answer to conquering the world years ago. Taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Republic of Korea (ROK) has gone on the offensive on new fronts. While others shake their fists and brandish their missiles, the South Koreans rely on soft power – they have been promoting their culture in other […]

The case of Virgil Griffith and other affairs of “the accomplices of the Pyongyang hackers”

On April 12, 2022, the Southern District Court of New York sentenced American programmer and former Ethereum cryptocurrency developer Virgil Griffith to 5 years and 3 months in prison for visiting DPRK and giving a lecture on cryptocurrency technologies. He initially received 20 years in prison, but his sentence was reduced after he pleaded guilty […]

The Ukrainian crisis as perceived by Mongolian society

The significant changes seen in the Ukrainian crisis in 2022 are being actively discussed all over the world. Mongolia, a small but no less important neighbor of the Russian Federation, is no exception in this regard. The unique features of Mongolia’s historical development, its relations with Russia, its geographical location and the political and social […]

“Human Rights” and the fight against them by the West

December 10, as is well known, is observed around the world as Human Rights Day, designated as such by the UN. But one of the features of the modern world, thanks to the “efforts” of the West, is the discrepancy between phrases and their true meaning: Freedom, democracy, human rights, and so on. Today the West, […]