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What We All Missed in X-Files Spinoff ‘Millennium’ (1996-1999)

By: Jay Dyer Millennium is one of the two X-files spin offs, and while it actually ran for 2 seasons, it’s less known than the Lone Gunmen.  When we originally meet FBI consultant Frank Black, Mulder and Scully are seeking Frank’s insights on a killer who is part of a schismatic faction of the enigmatic […]
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Hereditary, Lost Boys, Halloween 3, Velvet Buzzsaw & Starry Eyes – Jay / Jamie – Live Tonight

 Spooktober continues with a roster of darkness and fun.  As is the Spooktober tradition, we analyze Lost Boys AGAIN, as well as finally covering Hereditary as long requested, as well as a John Carpenter classic without Michael Myers – Halloween 3: Season of the Witch, with a couple worthy additions thrown in – donnie […]

The Sopranos – Full Analysis & Breakdown – Jay Dyer / Jamie Hanshaw

Time for a return to esoteric Hollywood by doing a full analysis of the entirety of The Sopranos.  One of the greatest shows of all time, Jamie and I will decode all the archetypal symbols, philosophical references, literary references and tropes, real espionage and geopolitical angles, and more!  Be sure to support below via Streamlabs superchats! Live at 730 CST


How The Globalists Subverted The Roman Catholic Church – Jay on lnf0warz

I host the 4th hour of the h@lexxx J0n3s show again to cover the techniques and plans of how the ecumenist movement was funded and turned to the strategy of the global elites. I cover the history of religious subversion, the Rockefeller’s usage of the ecumenist movement to promote the social gospel and how this led to the current state of affairs with globalization and Vatican II.


Top Ten Proofs the Illuminati are REAL! Jay Dyer

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You knew it was coming – here are my top ten (given the popularity of the previous top tens) reasons the Illumianti are real. From the recent news stories in 2019 we all know about to the lesser known and forgotten plans related to the internet of things, I think my top ten are enough to disprove any skeptic – in fact, if anyone in our day is still a skeptic, they are just being obtuse.

The Past American Century – The Cult Like Aspects Of QAnon And Conspiracy Theories That Lead To Nowhere

In this discussion I talked with Pearse Redmond who runs the Porkins Policy Review podcast about the wild and strange claims of QAnon and the world that those who believe in “Q” live in.
Some have gone so far to turn away from family and friends to worship Q in cult like behavior grasping on to conspiracy theories that lead to nowhere.

Hollywood is a Collapsing Covert Operation – Jay Dyer Campaign for Liberty Speech

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By: Jay Dyer
Campaign for Liberty in Memphis invited me to do a lecture on the topic of Hollywood and Geopolitics. In this talk, I cover the origins of Hollywood and the simultaneous geopolitical rise in the Atlanticist establishment.
The talk covers the Rothschilds, Rhodes and Milner Groups, as well as the influence of their “brains” in characters like Bertrand Russell and HG Wells. From there we see that Hollywood is a giant arm of the octopus that is collapsing.