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Organized Crime & Serial Killers – Jay Dyer on OIT

Jay Dyer returns to Our lnteresting Times to discuss his Mafia and organized crime lecture series. We talk about the links connecting the American Mafia to the power elite/shadow government. We also discuss the serial killer phenomenon and the disturbing connections of some of the most notorious serial killers to the U.S. military and political […]
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Great Reset, UFO Disclosure & The World Order – Sean Stone / Jay Dyer

 Sean Stone joins me to discuss his book, great reset, his works and more! We cover the ideology of imperium, its typical failure and collapse, the modus operandi or corporate enslavement, how the banking elites enslave, the problems of fiat and currencies, mafias and unions, Oliver Stone films and themes, the history of the […]

Medieval Heresy: Cathars, Cults, Papal Power – Jay Dyer (Half)

In this talk I will cover my extensive notes from the magisterial scholarly work on latin medieval movements of of the western medieval cults, Malcolm Lambert’s Medieval Heresy. We will look at the sects and secret societies, manifold heterodox and their papal challengers, as well as the ideological motivations. Also covered is the papal “reforms” and the relationship to the Orthodox East. After many years of reflection on this topic from the Orthodox vantage, we will be able to read this work in a new light. The full talk is for paid subs to JaysAnalyisis below.