Science and Pseudo-Science

Witness Forced to Walk Back Accusations That Led Maine Medical Board to Suspend Dr. Meryl Nass’ License

By Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D. | The Defender | February 1, 2023 The Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine on Tuesday held its third hearing on the suspension of Dr. Meryl Nass related to her treatment recommendations for patients with COVID-19. As it did on day two of the hearings, held on Oct. 27, 2022, the board focused on Nass’ […]

MHRA Caught Not Doing Its Promised Vaccine Safety Monitoring (Again)

BY NICK DENIM | THE DAILY SCEPTIC | JANUARY 28, 2023 We all know, I hope, about the significant and sustained number of excess deaths since May 2022. Most recently, you probably saw Esther McVey MP asking if the Department of Health would commit to an urgent and thorough investigation. Maria Caulfield MP, one of the health ministers, replied […]

Researchers bamboozling journalists with mythical comparison of vaccinated and unvaccinated

Where are the numbers? by Norman Fenton and Martin Neil | January 31, 2023 From: XXXXXX Sent: 30 January 2023 12:33 To: Norman Fenton Subject: Hart Group Dear Professor Fenton, Apologies for any intrusion, but I’m contacting you directly since the Hart Group (which I understand you to be a member of), have not replied to my earlier emails […]

We rightly mourn the dead, but mustn’t forget the disabled

Worrying data from the USA and UK Health Advisory & Recovery Group | February 1, 2023 Much of the analysis around Covid 19 vaccine harms revolves around counts of deaths, and excess mortality. This is perfectly understandable since “excess deaths” is a “hard” measure in that most countries are able to count the number of […]

FDA Adviser Inadvertently Confirms Pfizer is Doing Gain-of-Function Research

BY WILL JONES | THE DAILY SCEPTIC | FEBRUARY 1, 2023 They’re starting to come now – the ‘debunkings’ of the Pfizer undercover video sting, in which executive Jordon Trishton Walker, “Director of Research and Development – Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning”, tells his ‘date’ that Pfizer is looking to mutate the virus “so we […]

Lauterbach in 2020: “Schools drive the pandemic, the research is clear.” Lauterbach in 2023: The belief that many infections occur in schools and day-care centres “did not prove to be correct”

eugyppius: a plague chronicle | January 30, 2023 I guess the research wasn’t so clear then. The pandemicists will now begin to say many stupid things, as they beat a hasty retreat from policies that are more and more universally repudiated. Chief German pandemic botherer and renowned virus pest Karl Lauterbach in November 2020: Here’s […]

Acute Psychosis after COVID-19 Vaccination

Alarming Manuscripts Report Acute Neuropsychiatric Symptoms By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH | Courageous Discourse | January 30, 2023 Unvaccinated patients have mentioned half-jokingly that COVID-19 vaccination in friends and family makes some of them “crazy.” While I have always brushed this off as fear driven vaccine ideology taking over common sense in some zealots, […]