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Covid scaremongering – the government’s £1bn blitz

By Frederick Edward | Conservative Woman | May 17, 2021 WHOEVER controls the flow of information controls the narrative. I recently looked at the government’s reliance on polling through partners such as YouGov. Today I return to the role of the wider media. A few months ago I wrote about the government’s Covid-related advertising expenditure. In late spring […]

FDA’s last word on the safety of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine was issued last year/ FDA

By Meryl Nass, MD | May 16, 2021 FDA managed to find 385 adverse event reports for either HCQ or CQ in its FDA adverse event reporting system database, as justification for withdrawing its EUA for the chloroquine drugs. But there wa something strange about these reports. Only 102 of the 385 reports, or 26%, came from […]


Computing Forever | May 13, 2021 Reality Bites Sort Of… | Thomas Sheridan | Watch: Reality Bites Sort Of… | Thomas Sheridan | Support my work here: Support my work on Subscribe Star: Follow me on Bitchute: 

FLCCC Alliance Statement on the Irregular Actions of Public Health Agencies and the Widespread Disinformation Campaign Against Ivermectin

The Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance | May 12, 2021 Introduction Awareness of ivermectin’s efficacy and its adoption by physicians worldwide to successfully treat COVID-19 have grown exponentially over the past several months. Oddly, however, even as the clinical trials data and successful ivermectin treatment experiences continue to mount, so too have the criticisms […]

Government insider says UK Gov. plans to continue Lockdown and the Mainstream Media are in on it

THE DAILY EXPOSE • MAY 15, 2021 A Whitehall source directly linked to the Covid Response has said that the UK Government have already structured a detailed plan designed to neutralise each stage of lockdown easing, including the compliance of media outlets to help spread fear. The Whitehall source has said that he has been […]

When Will the Evidence From Florida and Texas Break Through the SAGE Groupthink?

By Will Jones • Lockdown Sceptics • May 16, 2021 The latest model of doom from Government advisory group SAGE appeared yesterday, predicting a ludicrous 10,000 hospital admissions a day in mid-July in a vaccinated population (nearly three times the January peak) because of the Indian variant – and that’s the central scenario. Furthermore, the researchers don’t even […]

REVIEW: COVID-19 Vaccines May Lead To Prion-Linked Brain Degeneration Similar To Mad Cow Disease

Researchers published a review that sounds the alarm about potential unintended COVID-19 vaccine side effects By Tom Pappert | National File | May 12, 2021 A new review of possible unintended consequences of COVID-19 vaccines suggests that the controversial mRNA vaccines – Moderna and Pfizer – may lead to unexpected neurological conditions similar to Mad Cow Disease. […]