Saudi Arabia

Why Saudi Arabia is Unlikely to Support the US in the Russia-Ukraine War

Despite the US President Joe Biden’s decision to embrace Saudia’s Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman (M.B.S.) for a larger cause of salvaging the struggling European and US economies, the Kingdom is unlikely to embrace Washington’s geopolitics against Russia. This fact flies in the face of many assessments and predictions made by the western mainstream media […]

A Reshuffling of the Alliances in the Persian Gulf

The failure of US president Joe Biden’s trip to the Middle East and the inability of his administration to make any real contribution to solving the problems currently faced by the region have set in motion new processes in the Arab world and heightened their determination to organize their mutual relations as they best see […]

The US Scrambles For Relevance By Addressing The Yemen War

Washington’s special envoy for Yemen is heading to both Saudi Arabia and Jordan, in an alleged effort to help a UN brokered ceasefire initiative to succeed. However, this visit seems to be little to do with Yemen and more about US power in the region. Whilst during US President Joe Biden’s first address on foreign Read More...

The Middle East Is No Longer The US’s Backyard, It’s Over

US President Joe Biden’s visit was a complete failure and shows that Washington no longer possesses the power that it claims over the region — neither diplomatically, nor militarily. The Biden administration failed to achieve any of its primary objectives in the region with his visit and instead of sending a strong message to its Read More...

Joe Biden’s Risky Strategic ‘U-turn’ on Saudi Arabia

A Middle Eastern state that Joe Biden once vowed to make “pariah” has now become pivotal to the success of the US plot to encircle and defeat Russia, both militarily and economically. This, first and foremost, is the cardinal objective behind Biden’s ‘U-turn’ on his Saudia policy and meeting with a CIA-designated ‘murderer’, Crown Prince […]

“Iran and the US should negotiate face to face to make a new nuclear deal”, says Mohammad Hatami Milanlou

There is indication that the P5+1 (US, UK, Russia, China, France and Germany) will agree to a new nuclear deal.   The EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell traveled to Tehran and succeeded in gaining a resumption of indirect talks between the US and Iran in Qatar.   Trade between Iran and the EU reached […]

Who is Biden Working For? On Israel Visit, “Zionist” Biden Whitewashes Israel’s Crimes

Judging by his performance, Joe Biden is working for AIPAC and not for the American people. He hit every note, shook every hand and repeated his mantras, clearly trying to please his donors back home.
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Is Saudi Arabia About To Normalize Ties With Israel?

US President Joe Biden is set to visit both Saudi Arabia and Israel, with many speculating that a normalization deal between the two Middle East regimes will be top on the agenda. According to all signs that we have received, is there any indication that Riyadh will sign a normalization deal with Tel Aviv & Read More...