Inside the anti-Syria lobby’s Capitol Hill push for more starvation sanctions

A week from the 13th anniversary of the US-backed Syrian dirty war, the American Coalition for Syria held its annual day of advocacy in Washington DC. I went undercover into meetings with Senate policy advisors and witnessed the lobby’s cynical campaign to starve Syria into submission. On the morning of March 7, as the US Capitol teemed with lobbyists securing earmarks ahead of appropriations week and activists decrying the Gaza genocide, one special interest group on the Hill stood out. […]

US Congressional Resolution Calls for Annulling the Monroe Doctrine and Ending Sanctions

Now, 200 years after President James Monroe first promulgated his dictate giving the Yankees dominion of the rest of the hemisphere, a congressional resolution calls for annulling the Monroe Doctrine and replacing it with a “new good neighbor” policy. The intent is to “foster improved relations and deeper, more effective cooperation” with our neighbor nations. […]

Criminal Assumptions: The Howard Cabinet and Invading Iraq

When war criminals can daub canvasses in blithe safety, rake in millions of dollars in after dinner speeches and bore governments to death with their shoddy words of wisdom, the world is not so much as it should be, but merely as it is.  Former US President George W. Bush, former British Prime Minister Tony […]
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How the Campaign to Free Venezuelan Political Prisoner Alex Saab Succeeded

Alex Saab was freed from US captivity in what Venezuelan Prof. Maria Victor Paez described as “a triumph of Venezuelan diplomacy.” The diplomat had been imprisoned for trying to bring humanitarian supplies to Venezuela in legal international trade but in circumvention of Washington’s illegal economic coercive measures, also known as sanctions. Negotiated prisoner exchange In […]

Year 2023 in review for Latin America and the Caribbean

December 2nd marked the 200th  anniversary of the Monroe Doctrine, which proclaimed US dominion over Latin America and the Caribbean. Left-leaning governments in the hemisphere have had to contest a decadent but still dominant USA. Challenges in the past year include a world economic slowdown, a continuing drug plague, and a more aggressive hegemon reacting […]

Nicaragua’s Finance Minister Details How U.S. Sanctions Impact Nicaragua’s Poor

Is it true that 50% of Nicaraguans want to leave their country owing to a climate of repression and economic decline, supposedly resulting from socialist policies? This was the allegation in a report published by AmericasBarometer, a research agency based at Vanderbilt University, which failed to note that it’s previous forecast, that 30% of Nicaraguans would […]

U.S. Extends Economic Carpet Bombing of Russia with Yet More Sanctions on Most Sanctioned Country in the World

This When It Is Known That Sanctions Have Not Worked On November 2, the Biden administration announced a sweeping new round of sanctions on Russia, which was already the most sanctioned country in the world.[1] According to Reuters, the new sanctions targeted 90 entities and individuals, including a liquefied natural gas (LNG) project in Siberia […]