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An Introduction to Theosis – Gospel Simplicity / Jay Dyer

Gospel Simplicity: “Hold up, did someone say we become GOD?? If you’re like me, the first time you heard this, you were a bit concerned. As an evangelical, the concept of theosis can seem more than a bit foreign. In this video with Orthodox apologist Jay Dyer, we talk about what theosis is (and isn’t) […]
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Protestantism Vs Roman Catholicism: 2 Sides of the Same Coin – Jay Dyer

 Today I will be doing another deep dive into the dialectical dilapidation known as Protestantism and its Mother, the Latin Papal Church.  I will compare both historically, looking at the ancient canons, the Tradition of the Church, the imbalance between the one and the many, the hyper-centralized Vs. atomized structures of both, the bad […]

Philosophy & Revelation: The Pseud-Space Podcast #6 – Jay Dyer / Neuroposter Podcast

 Our friend Neuroposter is now Orthodox and ha a new podcast called The Pseud Space – he asked for a discussion on the controversial topic of faith and reason.  how does revelation relate to philosophy?  In what sense is there a philosophy of nature or natural revelation?  What about natural theology and the early […]

Open Forum Debate / AMA / Q n A – Apologetics, Pagans, Atheism, Roman Catholics

Today we are having open forum with the discord voice room where you can challenge me, chat with me, debate me, or ask questions.  We haven’t done this in a couple months and the response last week was good.  Any topics or questions outside of the YT policies won’t be read.   Superchat via Streamlabs. […]

The New Babel VS. The Church: Orthodoxy & Heterodoxy – Fr Peter Heers

Live at 430 CST! Fr Heers returns to cover a wide array of topics, including his recent course covering Fr Seraphim Rose’s Orthodox Survival Course, false ecumenism and the spirit of our age (Tower of Babel), ecclesial Nestorianism, the holy fathers, heresy and healing, today’s caesaropapism, “Neo-Palamism” and the energies, the confrontation with Rome and […]

Logos / Logoi & The Christocentric Cosmology of St Maximos – Dr Tollefsen

 Dr. Torstein Tollefsen joins me to cover his masterful work on the Christocentric Cosmology of St Maximos and the Logoi doctrine.  We discuss the advanced issues St. Maximos covers in his metaphysics, the concept of the Porphyrian tree, the relationship of Neoplatonism to St. Maximos, universals and particulars, recapitulation, the logoi of being and […]

Top 10 Questions About Orthodox Christianity! – Jay & Jamie

 Jamie joins me to raise the top 10 questions she and many other had and have as Protestants looking in. Although these questions aren’t exclusive to Protestants, they are the top 10 most Protestants and evangelicals raise. We cover St. Mary the Theotokos, traditions of men, the Eucharist, councils and more! Be sure to […]
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Top 5 DIFFERENCES: Roman Catholicism Vs Orthodoxy

Is it all about the papacy? No! The top differences definitely include the issue of the papacy, but there are more fundamental doctrinal and dogmatic issues that come before the Roman Pontiff. In fact, the Vatican I doctrine really is based on mistakes relating to the Trinity and the Holy Spirit (Filioque), which conditions the […]
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Pope Francis, Changing Dogma & The New Religion – Jay / Snek

Snek returns to discuss the rest of Francis’ encyclical Fratelli Tutti and the recent revelations of Francis in terms of the evolving moral stances of the Roman See. In the Middle Ages, usury was seen as evil, and later approved. For divine worship, pagan art was seen as dangerous at Nicaea 2, and then in […]
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