Rand Paul Forced a Senate Vote on the Budget to Expose RINOs

Rand Paul's 'Penny Plan Budget' bill would have cut one penny from every dollar over five years, delivering a balanced budget. He suggested that much of the cuts could have come from defense, education, and corporate welfare. 76 Senators, including RINOs (Republicans in name only), have now been put on record voting for uncontrolled spending. [...]

RINOs and Democrats Push for Mass Amnesty Vote that Could Disrupt Mid-Term Elections

More than a dozen House Republicans are circulating a petition to GOP leaders to vote now or they will force a vote to allow mass amnesty and citizenship for 'Dreamers'. The majority of Americans reject mass immigration and amnesty, but the Democrats and a significant group of Republicans are pushing hard for it - right now. [...]

Koch Brothers Push for DACA Amnesty, Threaten Funding of GOP Hold-Outs

The Koch Brothers and their organizations, including Americans for Prosperity, are generally thought to be conservative, but they are advocate for mass immigration and amnesty. A Koch organization representative threatened Republicans with a reduction in campaign donations when he said that the Koch networks will "closely evaluate" their contributions to GOP midterm races if DACA amnesty is not passed. [...]

Republican RINOs and Democrats Betray American Taxpayers with $1.3 Trillion Spending Bill

US: Republican-In-Name-Only (RINOs) have sold out their constituents once again as they prepare to pass the enormously bloated $1.3 trillion, 2,232-page omnibus budget that they have not even read. It is loaded with hand-outs by big spenders - Republicans and Democrats alike. Politics as usual while the nation staggers under the increasing load. [...]