Fatima, Forgeries, Frauds & Fantasies: Jay Dyer / Snek / George (Free Half)

Tonight we cover the long list of papal forgeries long used for centuries to back up the more absurd papal claims, such as universal temporal and *monetary* supremacy.  We will look at the more well known examples like the Donation of Constantine, as well as lesser known documents, and in part 2 touch on Fatima and other so-called “apparitions” which now replace the  authentic direct experience of God with superstition and histrionics.  The full talk is available for subscribers to

Antichrist Explained – Jay Dyer

In this video I give a primer on the figure of the antichrist and attempt to dispel the sensationalism and Hollywood picture of this real figure. I cover the biblical types and symbols, including the significance of 666 as it relates to St. John’s valid use of gematria. Far from the nonsense of evangelical hysteria, Matthew 24 and Luke 21 provide keys to understanding the immediate historical context of the Apocalypse as Nero and 70 AD, while also having a future, mirrored sense.

Apologetics Class 1: Icons Are Idols?? Simplicity, Origen & More – Jay Dyer

Since no one seemed hip to debate of late in discord, I will be doing a live chill and chat stream on responses to common and high brow objections. We will be replying to both common claims and attacks, questions and supposed contradictions and more. Superchats are definite read – while normal chat questions may or may not be read. Live at 430 PM EST 


They Are Rolling This Out Everywhere!

#artificialintelligence #zen #meditation We have seen the rise of Sophia and the bots on display for many years, but now the bots are moving into the overtly religious sphere, as Buddhism adopts the preaching of the image! Is this related to revelation? Is this something to fear or is this natural? What are other pop culture trends preparing us for?