What a Giant Pile of Unsold Clothing in the Desert Can Teach Us about Real Resistance

According to this article: “Chile’s Atacama Desert, the driest desert in the world, has been a dumping ground for fast fashion leftovers. A mountain of discarded clothing, including Christmas sweaters and ski boots, cuts a strange sight in the desert, which is increasingly suffering from pollution created by the fashion industry.” Some further explanation from […]

Housing-Education-Health Care: Universal Rights!

Think “out-of-this-universe” rights (Universal Rights, my ass), hint hint, chuckle chuckle. Universal Rights Given to Us By Whom? In USA? This is a joke beyond jokes. I was at a Chamber (local) meeting with 50 folk. Yesterday. Yeah, jolly jolly, out to a community college room, with pastries from the local bakery, and people there […]

Students Against Mandates - #SolutionsWatch

Leigh Vossen and Sheldon Munroe of Students Against Mandates join us today to discuss their organization, how and why it was formed, and how it is working to lift the mandates and restrictions on students across Canada and to make sure that those mandates are never imposed again.
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Whitehead: Don’t Bow Down To A Dictatorial Government

The government knows everything about us while we know virtually nothing about the government. This is backwards and evidence that the Technocratic mindset has taken over in America. We should have listened to the 1967 British TV series, The Prisoner: "I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, debriefed or numbered. My life is my own.”

Joe Allen: Countdown to Gigadeath – From AI Arms Race to Artilect War

ChatGPT has not reached the level of  expected Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), but it is close and is expected by 2024. Certainly by 2025. With the exponential explosion of machine-created "intelligence", human intelligence is at risk of being completely overwhelmed and disrupted on a planetary scale. The domination of man's mental processes could be final key to full-blown global technocracy.