Newsom Orders Shots For State Workers, 40% Say ‘Stick It”

It has been reported to me by a top medical professional that the actual vaccination rate among most groups in America is being greatly inflated. This rings true in deep-blue California where Gov. Newsom flatly ordered all state workers to take the shot. While 60% might have "obeyed", at least 40% have not! Will Newsom fire the "deniers"?

Medical Chaos: Result Of Firing Unvaccinated Nurses In Houston

Across the entire spectrum of essential industries, we can expect that shortages of employees over vaccine mandates will create chaotic interruption of services. Some claim these are unintended consequences. However, Technocracy and Technocrats have implemented these policies as a scorched earth economic meltdown that is necessary for them to "build back better"

Pilots Resist: Pilot Shortage Looms Over Vaccines As Firing Deadline Approaches

Approximately 25-30 percent of pilots and airline workers remain unvaccinated and risk being fired. Airline executives cite obedience to Biden's Executive Order that has failed to materialize in the Federal Register. This means that they are essentially following a press statement that has no substance whatsoever.

Staggering Number Of US Troops Remain Unvaccinated

Resistance to taking the COVID mRNA injection is widespread throughout America, including the military. Airline pilots and air traffic controllers are close to shutting down air traffic. Hospitals, HMOs, police and other law enforcement agencies face mass exoduses over non-vaccination. Meanwhile, audiences at major sporting events are chanting "f**k Joe Biden".

LA County Sheriff Defies County-Wide Mandate To Vaxx Deputies, Staff

Sheriff Villanueva's actions underscore the authority inherent in the elected office of the local sheriff, which is the only elected law enforcement official in every county. It is no wonder that a major part of the defunding of police in America is to destroy the elected office of sheriff. However, this office is truly the last defense against outright tyranny in America.

Ten Years Later: Lessons for today from Occupy

It was ten years ago this week that thousands of people from across the country and from different social movements started an occupation of Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC that lasted six months. The action was called “Stop the Machine, Create a New World” to reflect the two-pronged approach of resistance to harmful policies and practices […]
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