Brian Holdsworth’s Why I Never Become Orthodox Refuted: Does the Papacy Give Certainty? Fr Dcn Sorem

FDA joins me to cover to two popular Roman Catholic lists as to why they are not Orthodox: first is Brian Holdsworth’s popular video and the second is Knowland Knows’ list of top 8 reasons. We will first kick off the first section clearing up the confusion many RCs have making the category error that […]

The Stupidity of Russia’s Legislated Hetosexuality

Eric Zuesse Legislating heterosexuality is laws that impose penalties for being or publicly expressing non-coercive or “mutually consensual” sexuality of other than the heterosexual type. Such laws can affect lots of people — especially young people, and here is why we know that they hit especially the young: On 16 August 2015, Britain’s YouGov polling […]

Top 15 Orthodox Books – Introduction to Orthodox Theology

Often requested, this topic is one of the number one issues people want to know about – what are the top 15 orthodox theological texts that I found the most helpful in regard to Triad, Christology, etc. Also included are a couple honorable mentions for Orthodox philosophy. Be sure to like and share and join […]
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Aquinas, Aristotle & The Insights of Scholastic Philosophy – Tim Gordon with Jay Dyer

Aristo-Scholastic specialist Tim Gordon joins me to cover the five desiderata and how they solve some of the philosophical issues of their time. We will also comment on the value and high status Aristotle had for certain common saints between Orthodoxy and Rome, like St. Maximos and St. John of Damascus. We will also discuss […]

Filioque Debate Review: Ubi Petrus Vs Militant Thomist – Jay, Snek, David

We are going to analyze and deconstruct the recent debate between Ubi and Militant Thomas concerning he Filioque. Their debate focused on the theological and historical issues, but were the citations accurate from MT? Do the Cappadocians teach what MT attributes to them? Snek and David join me. “All the things the Father has belong […]

Occult Mind Wipe Movies! The Cell, Dollhouse, Paycheck & Maniac – Jay & Jamie Dyer

Jamie joins me to cover the best mind wipe movies! These films and shows have a direct overlap with MK Ultra and the principle of brainwashing and handler manipulation. We have yet to cover these together on a livestream as we delve into archetypes, the unconscious, patterns and trauma, alters and revelation of the method. […]

Great Reset, Pope Francis, Inclusive Capitalism & World Religion Contra Michael Lofton – Jay Dyer

We continue papacy with by concluding the 3 part geopolitics trilogy concerning the deep connections of the Vatican to the world powers: Great reset, inclusive capitalism, intelligence machinations and laundering via the Vatican Bank as well as how these entities are also behind the push for the emerging world religion foreshadowed at Assisi prayer meetings […]

JFK, CIA, Mafia & Marilyn Monroe: Jay Dyer

Shout Attwood invited Jay Dyer back on to cover Mafia and the relationship to JFK! Remember to boost that T naturally with 50% all products at using promo code ‘JAY50‘ Subscribe to JaysAnalysis in the Purchase Membership section to access the archives of videos and interviews and lectures or purchase my books in the Shop! 
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