Why Do People Believe Fake Statistics?

It turns out that the very people who are perfectly capable of pointing out the statistical chicanery of the globalist supervillains and their MSM cronies are, often, the same people who fall for the statistical chicanery of people that they like. Why is this? Let's find out.
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WATCH: Breaking Free From Mass Formation with Mattias Desmet

Mattias Desmet is a Professor of Clinical Psychology at Ghent University in Belgium. His theory of mass formation during the coronavirus crisis has become widely known and widely misunderstood since gaining mainstream attention. He joins James Corbett to discuss his new book, The Psychology of Totalitarianism, which lays out what mass formation is, how it …

Acceptance of and Commitment to Freedom

There are many things we can do to liberate ourselves, and each other, from the tyranny of government. Unfortunately, for generations, we have been educated to believe we are powerless. Supposedly our voice can only be heard through the ballot box, through our extremely limited ability to lobby and through whatever protests we are allowed.
This is a deception. We have all the power, government has none and we can change the world whenever we choose.