Scientist Warns Omicron Synthetic, modRNA Food/Experiment & CDC Desperate To Jab Kids/Pregnant Women

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Where Have All the Lanternflies Gone?

Michael Lesher Remember the spotted lanternfly? Barely a year ago, this colorful winged insect was supposed to be a harbinger of national disaster. Native to China but increasingly visible in border-jumping swarms in the eastern United States, the spotted lanternfly’s activities in this country had been well known since 2014 – and until recently hadn’t provoked any …

Seymour Hersh: A Year Lying About Nord Stream

Above: A screen grab from Danish Defense shows the gas leak from the exploded Nord Stream pipelines causing bubbles on the surface of the Baltic Sea on September 30, 2022. / Photo by Swedish Coast Guard Handout / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images. I do not know much about covert CIA operations—no outsider can—but I do understand that the essential […]
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Dr. David Martin Interview – The COVID Illusion & The Criminal World Health Organization Driving It

Joining me today is Dr. David Martin, here to discuss his work on the topic of COVID-19 and the criminal organizations that have used its illusion in an attempt to subjugate the world population. We discuss his recent powerful presentation on the WHO and it’s involvement in not only manufacturing the COVID-19 illusion, but previous Read More...

Canada’s Envoy to Defend Apartheid gets Israel Medal

Canada’s special envoy to combat antisemitism is actually a government emissary to promote Jewish supremacy. In a stark example of the Liberals’ anti-Palestinian policies, they have given public resources and prestige to an aggressive apartheid proponent. Last Friday foreign affairs minister Mélanie Joly tweeted, “I spoke with Canada’s Special Envoy on Preserving Holocaust Remembrance and […]

The National Enquirer’s Revolution in Make Believe News, Jesuits and a New Origin Story for Humanity

On September 13, 2023 media reports across the world exclaimed aloud that ancient aliens were discovered in Peru and presented to the Mexican Congress by a team of valiant researchers led by a journalist named Jose Jaime Maussan. The language used in the headlines across mainstream press agencies expressed absolute certainty leaving media consumers to Read More...

Israel’s Ambassador Protests For Iranian Women, But Slaughtering Palestinian Women Is Fine

As the President of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, delivered a speech at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on Tuesday, Israel’s UN ambassador attempted to disrupt the speech by holding up a photo that called for the “freedom” of Iranian women, before being escorted out of the building. Western media ate the story up and act Read More...

Why is the German Health Ministry So Desperate to Keep the Details of its Covid Response Secret?

More details have emerged on the lengths to which the German Health Ministry has gone to conceal internal details of the pandemic response from the public. What are they so desperate to hide?
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European Commission President Strings Lies Together Against Russia, at NATO Awards Ceremony

Eric Zuesse (blogs at On September 20th, the unelected President of the anti-democratic bureaucracy that runs the EU, the European Commission, who is the German aristocrat Ursula von der Leyen (pronounced like Lyin’, so that her name can be simplified, in English, to Mrs. Lyin’) introduced with high praise the extremely unpopular-in-Japan leader of […]