Understanding the Old Testament: Christological Exegesis – Seraphim Hamilton / Jay Dyer

 Biblical scholar Seraphim Hamilton joins me to discuss the topic of understanding the law and the prophets and how to do hermeneutics.  The science of hermeneutics is a science that can only be done in the context of the church: with repentance, following the fathers and participation in the liturgy being the keys elements […]

Trinity Vs Tawhid: Jay Dyer Vs Sheikh Asrar Rashid Debate Review

 Fr Dcn Dr Ananias, Snek, and Qai join me to review the debate.  We will cover Qai’s issues first, the epistemology and problems in Aristotle’s empiricism, the pure act problem with contingency and perfection, the problems in occasionalism and causal chains, gnostic assumptions about creation being “impure,” and more. Live at 7PM CST    […]

Trinity Vs Tawhid: Debating the Orthodox Christ & Islam: Sheikh Asrar Rashid / Jay Dyer

 Sheikh Asrar Rashid joins me for a formal debate on the question of the Trinity Versus Tawhid and the Person of Christ.  Is the Islamic conception of God’s unity correct, where Christ is a prophet or is Jesus the Son of God, the Second Person of the Trinity?  The debate will be formal back […]

Trinity, Holy Spirit & Pentecost – John 13-17 (Half) – Jay Dyer

This evening we will continue to work though the Gospel of John with more Trinitarian texts and analyses, with a focus on the Feast of Pentecost and the descent of the Holy Spirit, as well as the Personhood of the Spirit in contrast to the Arians and other heterodox as well as how Pentecost is […]
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Debate Review & Reaction: Orthodox (Witcoff) VS. Gnostic (Leeds) – Jay Dyer

 Michael Witcoff (Orthodox) squared off recently in a debate with gnostic Mart Leeds33 on his channel concerning the “gnostic” worldview and its interpretation of Scripture compared to the Orthodox view of God, Scripture and history. We will probably only cover the first half but this will be a fun one. And yes, we will […]

An Introduction to Theosis – Gospel Simplicity / Jay Dyer

Gospel Simplicity: “Hold up, did someone say we become GOD?? If you’re like me, the first time you heard this, you were a bit concerned. As an evangelical, the concept of theosis can seem more than a bit foreign. In this video with Orthodox apologist Jay Dyer, we talk about what theosis is (and isn’t) […]
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Invoking the Beyond: The UFO Deception – Collins Bros. / Jay Dyer

 The Collins Bros join me to discuss their 7 years of research placed into the new text – Invoking the Beyond. Their research connects Darwin, the new age, panspermia, the esoteric, intelligence agencies, deception and the new man. Subscribe to JaysAnalysis in the Purchase Membership section to access the archives of videos and interviews and […]

Does God Exist? William Lane Craig vs. Christopher Hitchens REACTION / REVIEW

 Next up is the review of the second biggest debate on YouTube, the match up of Hitchens and William Lane Craig.  Last week’s Craig debate did well, and you’ve requested more, so this time it will be me and Fr. Dc. Dr. Ananias, an excellent debater himself, who joins me to add his wisdom […]
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DEBATE REVIEW: God’s Existence – Trent Horn Vs. CosmicSkeptic – Jay Dyer

 Ready for more? This one was specifically requested by Lewis, so we will analyze the classical apologetic method of Trent Horn Vs. the up and coming torch bearer for the scientism/new atheism crew, Cosmic Skeptic. YourMateTom says he wants to set up a debate with myself and CosmicSkeptic, but we’ll see if that ever […]