X Files Explained – Top 10 Episodes & Fight the Future Film! Jay & Jamie Dyer (Half)

  We finally tackle X-Files in terms of the overall story arc and the top 10 episodes of all time, based on our own esoteric and extreme silly level criteria.  We will look at classics like the Leech Man, the real meaning behind the 1998 Fight the Future Feature Film and the weirdest installments.  The […]

Dystopia NOW! The Worst Best Post Apocalypse Films

I’ll be covering some obscure and forgotten B movies that told us about the coming mad max scenario.  Instead of the obvious ones like Road Warrior, I’ll be covering the worstbest.  We will look at The Taking of Beverly Hills, Warrior of the Lost World (MST3K version), Freejack, Battletruck, Steel Dawn, Fortress and Class of 1984. Live tonight at 930 CST


Now You See Why This Crazy Movie Was Suppressed!

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Why has Demon Seed by Dean Kooter been overlooked? If you watch the film, you can begin to see why. Too much was revealed and the UK industry couldn’t handle it. In this analysis I delve into the symbolism and hidden meanings rife throughout, while postulating my own theory about the Babalon Working as the real meaning! If you like this analysis, subscribe to my site JaysAnalysis for more!