COVID as a Bioweapon, Hard Questions from Behind Closed Doors

Analysis of the worldwide COVID pandemic by a team of former intelligence officials from a number of nations has been ongoing for since January 2020. Findings are reported to clients under the highest security. Even the names of the clients are highly classified. A number of things are tracked and assessed using open-source material primarily […]

The British Costs of the War in Afghanistan

On April 29, the US and NATO countries began withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, ending a military campaign that had lasted nearly 20 years. The US and Britain began and led a military operation “Enduring Freedom” against the Taliban after the organized by al-Qaeda (banned in Russia) terrorist attacks in the United States on September 11, […]

Bitcoins Vaccines Masks Credentials

Bitcoins Vaccines Masks Credentials The Ochelli Effect 5-14-2021 Roundtable Bitcoins Vaccines Masks Credentials Chuck and B Pete discuss the Bitcoin situation. Mrs.O called in. The freedom to be vaccinated or refuse is also covered in the conversations. Chuck talks about upcoming shows. What is the value of anything? Will bullets be worth more than [...]
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Craig Murray Jailed For Eight Months

Craig Murray is an author, broadcaster and human rights activist. He was British Ambassador to Uzbekistan from August 2002 to October 2004 during which time he whistleblew about UK government complicity in torture. Report below from The National followed by Craig’s account and post trial updates: THERE’s been widespread anger after former diplomat and independence blogger Craig Murray was sentenced to eight […]

Yet Another Failure of the US Propaganda Policy

The “propaganda machine” has always been the driving force behind US policy, not only to effectively reduce social discontent, but also to form the state image of the United States as a state supposedly endowed with a “special mission of enlightenment,” a bearer of “true democracy,” a “savior” of states and peoples from tyranny. At […]

While Withdrawing Troops, Washington Craves for a New Base in Central Asia

Fearing the possibility of triggering an armed response of the Taliban (organization banned in Russia) by delaying the withdrawal of the US-led military coalition from Afghanistan, Washington is trying to stay ahead of the schedule. As a matters of fact, senior NATO officials have revealed that the planned withdrawal is due to be completed by […]